Tommy's back in court tomorrow

They are expecting a lot of people to turn up, well the weather is good, so they will be out, like maggots,

Old Bailey will be closed again!!

I was interested in the number of American flags last time. Its almost like the American far-right are funding this... 

Wooo hoooo. 

Not long enough but at least its a prison term. 

Are the gammons and americans pretending to be gammons rioting yet? 


Couldn't have happened to a nicer angry little shit.

I'm as gammon as you get but I'm busy working and following the cricket, like normal people. Don't these folk have jobs?

excellent I am off to twitter to wind up gammony cunts! 


So if there is cricket on when brexit finally doesn’t happen will that be the reason you use for not rioting?

Why burn an EU flag? What does the EU have to do with it?

According to the comments in the Daily Mail, the general consensus is that it's a liberal/left conspiracy; a conspiracy that will swell to imprison all Daily Mail readers. All 'right thinking' people should be afraid. 

Perfectly sensible.

Oh dear, lower arm tattoos.

Definitely a custodial sentence required.

Was a march to Parliment square organised before hand?, I thought impromtu marches were not allowed,

I'm kinda heartend at how few supporters there are, I know there is a bit of a crowd but its a trump speech crowd and when they zoo out it's only like 50 people which is basically 1 khunt per city which seems fairly reasonable 

Hey Klaus m8, saw your instagram update.  Looking good!



I’ve just checked and we are due to have 2 of them over for a junior strutter’s birthday at the weekend (yeah, I know, that’ll teach me not to keep a better eye on the guest list).

What would your best tips be for dealing with the situation?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Draco showing himself up as a loony tunes far right spazzhole on here. 

well done m7. 

I hope Tommy lets one of his peado mates bum you later. 


muh political prisoner hero! 

Save me Poutus.... This saddo asked the Prez for assylums! 

so soft even you couldn't tumb it in. 


So about the birthday party. 

Clearly I shan’t be letting any of the dads in when they drop off or pick up (better safe than sorry) but what is to be done about the attendees?

There are two of them so is that a gang?

Thanks again in advance for your help in keeping our kiddies safe.

" mass defensive"

no m8 this is eveyone lolling our arses off at him going back to prison 


"So if there is cricket on when brexit finally doesn’t happen will that be the reason you use for not rioting"

If England's playing, yes. Otherwise, I'll be chucking bricks through the windows of the Reform Club or wherever it is you people hang out.

"Oh dear, lower arm tattoos"

You seem to have added a superfluous "lower arm" clause there.

Draco - you do know what this case was about don;t you?

Because you seem to think it was about protecting Muzlamics. 

How many muzza predos did Ur Tommeh help put in prison?


he is a racist. 

you love him. 

you are a dick.



"He's bought exposure to the (recurring) problem " 

no he did not.... he turned up when they were already on trial, it was on the bbc and there had been a film made about by the time he turned up to talk about it... 



yes you are. 

Any update on your wife's defamation claim?