The TIG / Change €

Battle bus. Wtf is going on there eh? I thought they had a very wealthy backer.


For the hard of reading:


Tell me your thoughts on the battle bus belonging to TIG/CHANGE UK?

Disappointed you didnt pick up ont the one actual fvkup in the title tbh, ducks.

Any way, this is the bus (The comment underneath the bus is not a Change UK slogan)


Image result for change uk election bus

I think in the context of "For Remain" and "Vote for Change" is pretty dishonest.

There logo is some redated text? 

ffs - so so so lame. 

Meh.  I know their lordships decided in 1902 or something that both were ok but jack really bothers me when it’s not on a ship’s jackstaff.

when I see "The Tig:", I think of the Duchess of Sussex's defunct blog

" jack really bothers me when it’s not on a ship’s jackstaff"

Suggest you get a life then