Three weeks to go...

...feeling festive yet? All I can think about is how much I want to get away from the office, tbh...

Someone was listening to Stop the Cavalry too loudly on the tube this morning which I thought was a bit weird

I have the usual stampede of clients who all want things done by Christmas so I'll finally relax and feel festive on the Friday before Christmas.

Monday as Christmas Eve is a proper gift to the conveyancers of the world. 

I have trimmed up and bought my Festive goodies(sweet and savoury), new pajamas on order,  new slippers tpo get from Shoe Zone, food on order from M&S for Christmas Day just cheese and a dessert to get on the 20th and I am done


I will also start listening to my Christmas playlist on Spotify from next week

no, and I shan't until about 6 drinks in on 24/12

i still can't post pictures here whatever method I try :(

that was to Abs

isn't it just as simple as clicking the picture button and pasting in the url?


hopefully rof Christmas drinks can get me in the mood

I have two trees up already. One at home, one on my desk at work. All presents bought, except for something for Mr Woo and I need to find a cool t-shirt for my nephew. And I need to stock up on cheese and port to take home to NL. Still need to buy goodies for my team and still need to wrap the whole shebam. Red will get space/glow in the dark pj's and a dinosaur backpack.

Ho ho ho!

Tricky if you haven’t wrapped anything you aren’t even close to ready. You should probably start panicking.

I'm not panicking till the day before Xmas.

Besides, I'm not cooking much this Xmas and that's usually the most work.

I refuse to acknowledge this madness until Saturday 15th December. That's my final word on the matter. 

You've acknowledged it by posting on this thread, so you may as well just give up now and put a pair of reindeer antlers on your head and start singing Fairytale of New York at random points of the day.

Oh cock, that reminds me that I do need to finish my DIY Christmas jumper ....

I admit I do like cars wearing reindeer costumes. 

"I’m watching Die Hard."

Bruce Willis is a fvcking deplorable. So fvck him.