Things they should just stop selling

1. Green peppers.


Nobody wants them, stop trying to sneak them into multipacks.

I like green peppers. It's the yellow ones that I find wishy-washy.

Green peppers are cheaper 

British brewed 'lagers' 

Beanshoots - wtf? 

British sushi-  just a scam to unload white rice at huge margins 

My contribution: first-class tickets on the Heathrow Express.

Seriously, WTF?

Green peppers are WRONG PEPPERS

The Heathrow express thing is true words

what PP said about peppers.

they should stop selling sliced carrots in a plastic bag.

Green peppers are great. Best ones for hot curries.

Survey says: Clergs is a wrongun when it comes to peppers.


nothing wrong with green peppers

cress is critical ingredient in an decent egg sandwich (although admittedly nothing else)

sashimi grade fish - its not a thing save as description that doubles the price of fish.


Green peppers are the only right kind of peppers for stuffing with sausage-bacon-sage stuffing. The red and yellow are too sweet, it would all be too rich, but the green have a grassy herby thing that makes it work.


Cress is the best salad there is, and how could you have egg and cress sandwiches if there was no cress?


wheat crunchies - a rare thing -an unhealthy crisp like snack that is actually revolting.

I prefer tomato in egg sarnies.

sometimes toms without the egg as well.

Green peppers are dog's arse rank.  U fuvkers have crystal methed your taste buds off.  clergs excepted obv

I like green peppers as a crud-ite, no dippage required.


I like the sound of cured monster, but I would want to know if it had been free range or not.

Martian I am SOOO not. They are both horrid, horrid horrid.

to pick up nexis' point, plug protectors. Plugs are perfectly safe, if anything protectors make them less so

If you ever get given any of either, send them my way. ta

I’m with clergs and Wang on the green peppers. The rest of you are wronguns. 

Also feeling Clubbers on the bounty shout. 

Big fan of toblerone and egg sarnies. Also love the fruity flavoured roses and quality streets. If anyone avoids those pls dx to me and I’ll swap you the coffee and coconut ones. 


Adding to list: Turkish delight