things everyone likes that you don't like (and sometimes it causes social tension)



escape rooms

Attenborough and his wildlife programmes 

baked beans 


Dancing is a good call.  Parties generally. 



Work events where you are encouraged to take your other half.



x factor/britain's got talent/I'm a celeb etc




Ditto wildlife programmes



Thriller drama series



Ditto Strictly/X-Factor/BGT/I'm a Celeb - never watched them.

Board games. If I never see Settlers of Catan again it'll be too soon

Dubai +1 but then again not everybody likes Dubai 


wildlife programmes are ace

But only in your opinion, DD. Which is the point of this thread, isn't it?

DD you should come to my workplace. A holiday in Dubai is seen as the height of sophistication



Even the word makes me tense

Open-plan offices

Gender-neutral pronouns

Casual swearing

The song 'Get Lucky'



The dissolution of the west, the rise of religious extremism, and the fact that humanity is basically doomed and my kids will probably have to live in an authoritarian, yet totally woke, dystopia.

"The dissolution of the west, the rise of religious extremism, and the fact that humanity is basically doomed and my kids will probably have to live in an authoritarian, yet totally woke, dystopia."

Dude, it's Friday!

I'm not going to the mosque with you, dux. 

ShootyMcShootyface - that is Dr Brian Cox, yes? Not the great actor.

Pubs, dancing and karaoke supes?

And i thought we were going to be such good friends.

And nightclubs, but that no longer causes social tension now I am over the age of 25.

Overlong school plays/ performances where my child has only one line.

Talking about houses.

I am astounded to have encountered a man who doesn;t like Kylie

I thought it was on the Y chromosome

I can tolerate pubs, but I generally find them smelly and unclean with a poor selection of drink. I'd rather drink in a proper bar or at home.

I don't dance and I don't sing.

I can tolerate the dancing of others (I worked in a nightclub for 7 years) so long as they get out of my fucking face with the whole "come on and dance Supes, you know you want to".

Worse than fucking godbotherers those types.

Amateurs singing along to the radio, especially in a car does my fucking nut. 

Clergs: I have seen Kylie live. Possibly twice. Can't recall. Definitely once. Have also seen Danni Minogue live (Exeter Uni, late 90s). Went with Mrs Shooty to the Kylie gig.

The music is insipid and has not aged well.

Everything about Kylie pales into insignificance when matches against a true pop artiste, such as Taylor Swift. 


Killing Eve. It's rubbish and the only redeeming feature is Jodie Comer's performance but saying that makes people thing I'm a weird sexist.

Watching football in the pub with a group.  I don't like football anyway but much more comfortable to watch it at someone's house where we all have a seat and can see the screen.

I strongly meh Killing Eve

I hate the subplot with Sandra Oh and her husband, I hate how the Villanelle character doesn't really make sense, I hate how MI5 is confused with MI6 and the FBI for some reason

But I find bits quite funny

If 'everyone' likes something, then its best not to. Because there will probably be a con artist behind it.

Michael McIntyre - supposedly funny

Mrs Brown's Boys - truly awful

Baked beans - rank

ketchup - ditto

Watching rugby/cricket/tennis/golf etc

Doing running/half marathons and writing about it as if it's interesting or exciting

Clergham is absolutely on the money re: killing eve

Playing card games

Beaches and heat

Anything to do with reality television



" can tolerate pubs, but I generally find them smelly and unclean with a poor selection of drink"

Poor selection of drinks?  What do you usually drink you cant get in a pub?


Waggamammas and any similar noodles/stir fry sort of place.

clergs, there is a technical term for men who like kylie - it is 'ghey'


i mean seriously, who did you think her core audience was?

er well the one I was talking to about her most recently definitely didnt like her for gay reasons

Wagamamas don’t even cook fresh food. The “chefs” just heat up what is delivered to them in plastic bags 

What do you usually drink you cant get in a pub?

Pubs don’t usually stock the large pink umbrellas Supes likes so much in his strawberry G&T

Baked beans are a good call - foul and especially wrong with a cooked breakfast.  I don't care who you are.

Actually very nice, but completely RONG with cooked breakfast, as you say.

Another shout for baked beans and Mrs Brown's boys here.

One of our fee earners like mrs Brown's Boys.

I regard his career potential as "limited" on that basis alone.


" What do you usually drink you cant get in a pub?"

Proper beer that is actually cold?

Decent wine?

A gin martini?


people who like mrs brown's boys make no sense

no sense

Nearly all pubs have cold beer

Most pubs sell reasonable wines these days - it is frankly mad to drink "decent" wine out anyway- why pay the mark up?

Gin martini - who do you think you are James Bond?

Bourbon - most pubs sell Jack Ds.


Most pubs I go to now have a huge range of bourbons and whiskies and even a selection of rums beyond just Bacardi.

Technically all martinis are made with gin.

A cocktail that is made with any other spirit cannot be a martini.

Yes, but if i has just said martini then there could be confusion with just straight vermouth. A 'vodka martini' is not a martini, but a martini could also be a Martini. ugetme

Jack Daniels isn't bourbon

Carling and Fosters are not proper beer

Pub wine is always shite

Jack Daniels is bourbon

All pubs do at least one better brand of beer on tap (usually several) than Carling and Fosters which I agree are shyte.  All pubs also have a large selection of chilled bottled beers.  Really very few fancy bars have as good a selection of beer as pubs.  

Unless you go to a dedicated wine bar (how 80s), all wine served by the glass is shyte.

The fact that you think that JD is bourbon rather invalidates the rest of your argument.

From Wiki:

"The product meets the regulatory criteria for classification as a straight bourbon, though the company disavows this classification. It markets the liquor simply as "Tennessee whiskey"".


so you wont drink Jack Daniels because it does not call itself a bourbon, even though tastes exactly like a bourbon and is made the same way?  

Ok then...

JD is unpleasant no matter what you call it. Bourbon or not bourbon, if it was the only thing on offer it would only reinforce my point that pubs have shitty drink selections.

I do have a bottle of Knob Creek in the booze cabinet, but prefer Woodford Reserve as a utility Bourbon. 

returning to the original subject:

computer games


the doors

I don't know what bourbons/whiskeys pubs sell tbh - as I don't like the stuff - I am only aware that you always see JD behind the bar.

If you don't like pubs fair enough (well not fair enough, for a birtish man - extremely weird, but there we are) but it takes a special kind of twattery to maintain you don't like any drinks served in pubs-most pubs these days  generally having a vast selection of drinks (I exclude Sam Smiths pubs from this of course which I accept serve horrible drinks)

To not like pubs is beyond weird (even for a Yank). There's a pub to suit every taste and temperament.

Do I win the thread?


On the basis that your dislike not only causes social tension in real life but also winds people up on this board I think you are the thread winner by a country mile!

Not liking city chain pubs is understandable but to not like for example an ancient village pub with a crackling fire after a country walk in the winter is the very definition of madness

Supes - this is really shocking.   Really you should think about leaving the country and never coming back. 

My house smells better, has a better selection of booze and fewer drunk people propping up the furniture.

I could understand the attraction of the country pub if i lived in a shitty London flat.

But I don't.

The sauvignon blanc that my local Wethesoons is selling by the glass is actually very good.