There is something so massively

The only annoying thing about her face is that it is not covered with my spaff.  This can be easily remedied, however.

she has got wonky eyes and bad obvious fillers in her lips and cheeks


I like that dress tho

Angela Rippon?

The absolute shocking fuck is wrong with you



Jude is right 

There is insanity there 

And as the great Caroline Bingley stated "given her provenance,  this can come as no surprise "

Heh @ mutters, that just made me giggle out loud at quite a sad wake.  Oops.

That's no bad thing, Bernstein.  Mad girls quite often copulate like ferrets and invariably love alan.  Just don't give her your address, email or phone number.

Having recently returned to this place I am disturbed to see your a lot of your posts Badders have become so distasteful and extreme - they read very misogynistically 

He’s been going through a period of sexual enlightenment (I.e. actually getting good regular sex).  I’m sure in a few decades when the novelty has worn off he’ll get back to how he was.

no fillers there, Judo. That's just a young plump face with the natural scaffolding still intact and naturally wonky (chin as well). She's beautiful and admit, you've been aspiring to her lifestyle for years

Miss T, I will, in future, highlight the bits of my postings which are intended to be facetious or parodic, just so that people don't get the wrong end of the stick.  Is that ok with you? 

How old is her bloke?? 

mind you better an old mans darling than a young mans skivvy as my nan (that’s my maternal grandmother for the benefit of the posh is) used to say 

"the socialite attends Bvlgari Splendida Tubereuse Mystique Event on July 9, 2019 in Cernobbio"



He is 60, it’s an interesting match but I am definitely not one to criticise age differences.  I hope they make one another very happy.

She seems a beautiful girl who is living what many would consider to be an enviable lifestyle.

she lived in my friend’s house for free for a while because she is skint. 

But aren’t you always going on about how broke you are and how you want to meet a billionaire to take care of you?

It just feels all a bit familiar except she is in her 20s, a model and the niece of Princess Diana and you’re not...

I hope that doesn’t come across as a criticism, it’s not intended to be, I just think that attacking her for her lifestyle is a bit off given it’s not far from your own aspirations.

She’s basically doing the ‘girlfriend experience’ hell she may even do the ‘wife experience’ for a couple of years and lock in the sweet payout.

err to be fair I was bitchily attacking her bad fillers and wonky eyes rather than her lifestyle choices to which I wholeheartedly aspire. 

Ok that is fair, but it came across as a bit jealous, truth be told.

 no not at all. 

I am super envious of K7 Middy, Amelia Windsor, Lady Freddy Windsor bit not x eyes. 

She’s had so many bankers in her people mistake her for a convention centre.  Pippa is not to be envied IMO.

she looks a bit odd in the first pic but the in the hat and green dress shots she looks absolutely gorgeous




Splendida Tubereuse Mystique - Mr Boombastic .

I think that it’s a shame when girls in their 20s get work done.