Tesco share price

Is up 20p since Friday from 196 to 216. Only 4p of that increase came today, the day on which their amazing Xmas trading results were announced. 


How does that happen eh? 



...lying, thieving, conniving city slicker loose mouthed wankers?

They were one of only a small handful of retailers who didn't give any warnings of reduced profits in the period running up to interims so there was plenty of anticipation and trading - not insider dealing - in the last week or two.

Thing is, it's not hard to catch these people.  All the trades are recorded.  

It's just expensive and a thing we don't bother doing.  

How long is that period though Muttely? The profit warnings were being issued long before Chsristmas by other retaiers and yet Tesco's price also fell throughout December.


This bump only happened on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, rseults announced on Thursday.


The price is sliding back again now.

Among others, HSBC put out an analysts report on the sector in the run up, a while before the results, predicting flat or better for Tesco and changing their recommendation of "buy" to "hold" whereas for Morrisons and some others they were moving from "hold" to "reduce" so even though they were underestimating performance for Tesco they did call them out as in better shape than other performers in the sector. This caused quite a lot of dumping of holdings in Morrison, Sainsbury and a corresponding lift in Tesco prices. I don't think we have an insider trading story here.  

**Eyes Muttley suspiciously**

Do you have any Tesco shares in your portfolio?

No I do not.

(flogged them all very quick yesterday pm)


No, seriously. I don't have Tesco plc shares or any interest in this other than the debate above.