Stranger Things 3

Have we done this yet?

What are people's thoughts?  I thought it was the best one yet, but fuck me Mike's a weird looking kid.

I’m two episodes in. So far so good. You can tell they’re working on a bigger budget this season. Intrigued to see where they’re going and loving all the 80s shout outs

I watched the last episode last night, so I won't give anything away!

But agree on the 80s stuff - I had some outfits just like El's when I was a kid :)

I was too young to really appreciate the 80s as a child and yet I feel like I have far more affinity for 80s culture than 90s

Kid in the 80s, teen in the 90s - 90s was so much better!!

I thought it was a great series. 

The Fast Times reference in the first episode was brilliant. 

Also really liked the Robyn and Steve bits.

Two series in. The writing seems hokey and bizarre, the characterisation is very uneven. Still good fun but just a pastiche now. Will persevere though.

make sure that you watch the post credit scene in the last episode

what is this prog?  is it on flix or sky or amazon?

Netflix wango. You'd like it. Basically a sci-fi version of the goonies (but without the chinese kid)

if there arent any pincers of power I am not sure i can buy in

I'm 5 episodes in to the third series. I thought the first two episode were very poor - almost a pastiche. But then I am holding them up against the first series which I thought was one of the best things I have ever watched. The next three episodes all got better though. They have clearly found a formula that works and are sticking to it. Looking forwards to watching the next 3 episodes. 

I thought the third season was the best yet and I agree with Wellington, that one can really feel the bigger budget this season. I think the mall setting added a lot and the budget gave the team the means to ensure the season was action-packed. It moved a lot faster than the first two seasons. 

So I just finished season 3 last night, wow what an ending. One of the best closing episodes to a season I have ever seen. But! There is definitely scope for season 4.... with an even bigger budget it could be even better!