starting a new career in your 40s

how does this feel?

all of my (very limited) experience of youngperson work drinks/ networking/ intros involves just cringing until someone takes pity on poor young clergs

if I had to do it again I don't know how I would pitch myself

Young? Heh.

Im sure you’d manage it.  Weathergirl or PR Person?  What’s the plan clergs?

when I did a training contract, one of the NQs was about 45. career change. the partners called him the NQ partner for Lols. hope that helps

Depends on what the new career is, I suppose.

What is it? (I need ideas myself.)

by youngperson I obviously meant when I was starting out 15 years ago obviously

let's brainstorm, pp

I sat through a CIOT seminar on the tax profession and it made me SAD

I promised myself that I would quit this year and do something else.

I may end up breaking that promise.