The Staircase

on Netflix. Is anyone watching? I have a question

I watched it about a year ago, so might not remember perfectly...

Similarly I watched it a little while ago but think I can still remember.  The astonishing moment is when his legal team tell him how much cash they need just to do the jury vetting before the trial.

Firstly hi both, hope you're well!

The costs are abso shocking. My Q was though - when the sisters (trying to discredit Peterson) went to the library and found a huge stash of his old manuscripts including text on the thrill of love/ sex and murder together - said they couldnt disclose it to the Prosecution - why not? Both sides were able to disclose new evidence as the case went along so as long as it's disclosed to both sides why didn't they take it to the Prosecution? I may've missed something but I didn't understand this. I've nearly finished series 1 - compulsive viewing.

Can't say I remember that but seems a bit dubious to me that you can use something someone has written many years before as evidence in criminal proceedings especially if the person who wrote it was an author researching a book.  Isn't it almost hearsay rather than direct evidence of his motive in relation to his wife?

It's also terrifying watching him age through the process as the stress takes its toll.

But the hearsay rule was debated re the emails/ gay/ bi info and they used that.

I started off convinced he'd done it but, either way, his aging is so upsetting isn't it? 

I really couldn't decided to be honest as there didn't seem to be any concrete evidence either way.

It's not just the way that he ages but also the way that you can see the fight being drained out of him.