Should the Elgin Marbles be returned?


Not sure tbh.

On the one hand, they were stolen.

On the other, trying to impose modern notions of nationhood and national "ownership" when it comes to antiquities is a slippery slope. Where would it all end? 

There should be an international committee to rule on whether or not the transferee museum country is stable and honest enough to be trusted with the artefact in question.  If it is, send it home; if not, keep it.  And in any event, do a copy, most punters will be happy enough with a copy and a commemorative plaque anyway.  Leaving individual govts and museums to squabble over such matters is not a solution.    Most people in govts are Philistinic c**ts anyway, and for the greater good of intelligent members of the history loving public, such matters need to be taken out of the political bun-fight arena as much as possible. 

Presumably every museum anywhere in the World should return each and every item to its country of origin ( if it can be identified - is it Greece or Turkey in this case).

It’s all bollocks isn’t it. Tell the Greeks to do one.