Self awareness fail

The job of leaders, Mrs May continued, was to address the genuine concerns of people rather than making promises that could not be kept and "telling people what you think they want to hear".


Hypocritical fucking old witch.

Agreed.  An astonishingly hypocritical speech.  Is she trying t pretend she can be have a statesperson like presence now along the lines of Sir John Major?  I think not,  she has been a disaster.

Too severe Stix

The day will come ,and it may come very soon, when you will be

praying before little figurines of Theresa for her return 

Much as tribal villagers in Zimbabwe pray for the return of Ian Smith

Well I did say something along those lines when she resigned, so fair enough.  But my version was less nutty.

Her looks are quite famous - she is still the Prime Minister.

She's a liar, a racist, a god-botherer, a hypocrite. She continued with austerity and created and continued the hostile environment. She and her type must be thrown out of power in perpetuity.