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Anyone here have knowledge of what life is like in this borough, specifically whether it would make a suitable base for a burgeoning family whose patriarch may, if he's bitterly unlucky, need to commute into London?

It's bloody expensive.  Go a little further out and you'll have a longer commuter but get much more for your money.  Guy buying my parents' place started looking in Sevenoaks and realised that by having a longer commute he can have six bedrooms, a pool and 5 acres for the cost of a five bedroom on a new build estate in Sevenoaks.

cracking rugby club*


*information as at 1999

My friend dated a guy in the rugby club in 1999

An early adopter of internet dating

He was an arsehole (although also they were not well matched really)

half decent bragging from sails there - why is he only buying the staff cottage from your parents?

do you mean 7oaks? very expensive but easy trip into town and (for commuterland) some rural bits not far away. keeping up with the Joneses quite competitive and tedious around there. 

It does seem a bit Joneses in that bit of Kent, all about what prep school your kids go to, how many acres you’ve got and how new your range rover is.

7okz looks like a nice town, though I was there on a friday night recently and I have to say that the Kentish yeoman(and his womenfolk) are a pretty ferocious bunch. Plenty of white van types who got affluent before they got an education. 

Much of Kent (and Essex) is like that. You don't know whether the mansion next door belongs to a City boss or a gangland one.

Having had a look on Rightmove, you can get a 4 bed detached or semi from only 700k. That said is that because it is an "undesirable " apart of Sevenoaks if there is such a thing? Otherwise plenty of  detached 5 bedders on at £1.5MM, the same price as 3 bed terraced house in Clapham Old town, so Sevenoaks not that pricy really.

I actually may be looking more at living nearby in a rural area, with sevenoaks as the nearest town and commuter station. That’s mainly a function of what we’re looking for, and budget. I’d like five bedrooms, room to extend, a paddock sized area of land and to be within walking distance of a village with a pub. Budget about £1.2m.

Weel seems like a very punchy budget if your looking to live "outside" sevenoaks , should be able to get plenty I would imagine.

I've just hosted a surrey birthday party for 15 8 year olds.  Not one parent was city, media or a footballer by trade afaik.  apart from me, obv, I play for spurs.

I've just hosted a surrey birthday party for 15 8 year olds.  Not one parent was city, media or a footballer by trade afaik.  apart from me, obv, I play for spurs.

Only one of the lads was wearing a footy outfit tecco.  even this deep in scumcountry it was a lovelly lillywhite number with audere est facere on it.

I thought you lived in Cobham Wang. That's pretty much where all the Chelsea footballers live. Some of them must have eight year old kids.

u would have luvved it tecco - giant van with 4 plasmas in the back all hooked up to various consoles.  no1 moved for 2 hours except to swap game.  all I had to do was order a metric fucktun of dominos.

Could be a career for u with this company if u could pass the relevant checks...

Nasty swipe that one!

Its So hot here I can’t even muster up a witty response.  Urgh, I need air con.  

soz m7.  it is a totally genius concept tho.  


also first time i have bust a tun on a dominoes order.*

*one kid was vegan an we had to cook his pizza.**

**other one brought his own wholemeal cookie and wotsits (not sure what food group this pertains to)

M5 do you not vouchercode it?  I get like 40% off any order over £50 every time just by a quick google.

Perfectly to get all that for your budget you’re probably looking south of Tunbridge Wells rather than north of it.

What??? South of the Tun? Never!