Sailing holiday in the Caribbean for a novice

Is it viable?

I saw some advertising for a UK based sail racing academy that operates around the Caribbean, and as a complete novice who has always been fascinated by the idea, would really like to give it a go and do a month in the Caribbean.

Do they mention that beginners are welcome & full training given? I mean, it would be super fun, the water would be lovely and warm…

Which one is it as I know a fair few of them and the people involved so can tell you what they're like?

Most of them cater for beginners and there will be a mix of experience levels on board.  You're now looking at 2024 as the season is basically over for now and everyone is heading back to Europe for the summer season here.

I'm still pondering how I can get myself a ride for the Caribbean 600 and also Antigua Week.  There has been talk over the years about my usual crew chartering a boat for Antigua so might have to start that up again.

Better have a real good look at what the costs are likely to be.  Flights to some of these locations have gotten a heck of a lot more expensive post Covid for starters.  

@stardust - you'll not be freezing your t1ts off like you might here, but a day in the breeze can still be chilly if you get wet, even in the tropics.  I've felt properly cold in Cape Verde.  

I've seen them around but don't know a great deal about them but haven't heard anything negative.  Briefly sailed with one of their skippers years ago when was engaged from a friend of mine but sounds like she's got a load more experience since then.

I'd also check out and also if you're on Facebook look up Scarlet Oyster as that's run by a really nice guy and they do well and friends of mine have been sailing with them for years.

Stanley afraid the boat I sail on has a crew of 9 and a crew squad of 30 so we tend to be oversubscribed for events.