This Russian Sub

All sounds a little fishy to me.  A scientific research vessel full of navy top brass?  Apparently only 5 of the crew survived but seems they were able to get the sub back to base in Russia which leads me to suspect they couldn't have been far from home when the fire broke out.

Glorious Russia - do you know how many deaths occurred on Russian submarines? It is a regular occurrence. Big mouth, not so much behind it, neither money nor military (given size and population). All they can do is play dirty 

We all know the Russian navy has three working ships held together with chewing gum.  I'm more interested in the fact that a number of first class captains were apparently doing scientific research.  Reckon I could do a better job than the current Russian minister for excuses when we get caught out.

It has been widely reported that this was a top secret naval sub used for intercepting communications links. 

Something that, interestingly, both sides have been doing for about 60 years now. 

That sounds much more plausible than top secret squid studies.

Well that’s good news.

No matter what the situation, having Mike Pence around can only improve it.

Lolz so while we have stealth nuclear submarines capable of sitting 20 miles off the coast at low depth in order to suck up all the electronic information an entire city can produce and relay it all instantly to GCHQ the Russians are relying on captain bloody pugwash?  

Dux m7 I think you chose the wrong side.

Oh, and just by way of reminder Russian military spending isn’t even 50% more than ours and it is 9 times smaller than the yanks.

That’s a lot of poorly maintained kit.

How can you tell a Russian sub? Becoz they is always on the bottom innit. 

At least our kit is new and fucked.

"What do you mean you wanted it to operate in warm water?"

"What do you mean you need it to fire in sandy conditions?"

"No no, we didn't put an access point in for the engine. You need to cut a big hole in the side."

"I distinctly remember you saying the reconnaissance vehicles should be able to roll over in case they were captured by the enemy as an unskilled operative would not be aware of the enhancement and would crush the occupants to death." 

"You need the planes at the same time as the aircraft carrier?!" 

“Here, have a Daring class destroyer! Full of the latest tech, the deadliest vessel on the high seas!”

”wow cool, could I have some missiles for this thing and maybe some fuel please?”

”no, fuck off”

I wonder why Putin felt the need to kill quite so many of his senior naval staff ?