This royal s**t

I've just read their website. So basically they are giving up 5% of their income cos it prohibits them earning more elsewhere...and they'll choose when to be a royal and when not?

I guess they'll spend much more time in the US than here. Will this be a slightly classier version of fergie and weight watchers or that butler selling his toot on QVC? 

Keeping up with the Sussexes coming to a TV channel near you soon.

Tbf to them when you compare the treatment that Meghan has had in the press, in comparison with the media blackout over the Cambridges alleged affair crisis and the palace rallying around Andrew until the twat shot himself in the foot with that interview, they must feel they've been thrown to the wolves. 

fact is the line of succession does not involve them, and they will shortly be about as important as the dukes of Kent and Gloucester were in the 80s i.e. theoretically important as the late kings grandsons, actually completely irrelevant  

The only bit that's a bit oooph is not telling anyone in advance. That was ill judged. 

It’s basically the approach that European aristocracy have been taking for decades, especially the exiled ones. Hard to blame him for declining to bet all his chips on a career in royalness, given the way things are going.

Let’s face it. Haz is the closest thing the royal family has produced in the last 80yrs to a normal human being. I bet he even knows how to dress himself. Being royal - why the fuck would you want to? And he doesn’t even have to disclaim his place in the line of succession.

Hoolie - yes, but it goes beyond the delivery of the message too. THey haven't finessed the message because of the way they wanted the ambush, and therefore the absence of detail makes it look very much cake / eat it (or as Rham put it tv licence AND commercial breaks - which I shall be borrowing). If they'd presented it in a joint statement which dealt with reimbursement of the house refurb public cash (or giving the house back) / use of titles, I'd respect it more. Instead "we're giving up 5% of our income so we can rinse the shit out of the name of the family we're "leaving"" 

Agreed; the decision itself may well be justifiable but it looks rushed and petulant; whoever is advising them when it comes to PR (although it could be like Prince Andrew they just ignore advice) is clueless.

The question I have is what did Meghan think she was marrying into?  Did she not envisage the intrusion that she they/might experience from a media perspective?  Being honest, I am inclined to think that if they do not want to be part and parcel of the RF and all that it entails, they should walk away from it altogether and a clean break should be made. 

Bollocks BST. They have the best PR money can buy.

There is simply no way of doing this and coming out of it well. The palace has a stranglehold on the UK media and everyone buys their line hook line and sinker, judging by these threads.

How do you know if they are following the PR's advice though?
Andrew didn't over the Maitlis interview which is why his head of PR resigned.  Unless you were in on the meetings/e-mails you can't know.

Also nobody has bought the Palace's line hook line and sinker on Andrew at all have they so the UK media is clearly not always in thrall to them.

but it looks rushed and petulant

It wasn't rushed. There's a FAQs on their website. This has been in the works for ages.

The palace knew but didn't know the announcement was being made. Maybe they had been talking to the stuffed shirts, and got frustrated by them so just went "fuck it"

it's always easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission 


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The question I have is what did Meghan think she was marrying into? 

have you seen A Christmas Prince?  That probably 

This was all floated on various gossip sites months ago, palace definitely knew

their response is rather huffy and unusual. It should have been a tight-lipped 'we wish them well'

I think it's quite admirable for them to want to become 'financially independent', perhaps we can get rid of a few of the other hangers-on too.

I don't approve of how Harry has done what he's doing any more than you do, Doggerz, but even so to refer to him as "This Royal Sh1t" is a bit much.

But they won't be financially independent? They still want the house, security, and will still receive money from the Duchy of Cornwall (based on the website, about 95% of their funding).  Their justification is that they can earn more by giving up the 5% received from the Sovereign Grant in return for their duties as members of the RF, and in return being able to generate income outside of those parameters - which prevented them from otherwise doing so. 

Parliament to pass an act within 3 months cutting Harry off completely - he gets 0% and is cut out of the line of succession.

Enjoy your burgers and divorce, Hazzlah.

BST - their PR wrote the FAQs.

And the whole Andrew thing was him ignoring the palace PR machine. He's an outlier anyway given how he has behaved.

If what Queenie says is right then in fact the palace has known all along and all the people throwing stones are just gobbling up the palace bullshit.

I'm sure I read somewhere that they'll pay rent on the house if they stay there so they may well move.  The Met has muttered about the cost of security for years so wouldn't be surprised if this is used as a chance to reduce that.

Their funding from the Duchy is not guarantee and apparently Charles has yet to decide to what extent he's prepared to continue funding them.

Sounds to me like a nice three bed semi in Windsor with a private security guard with a camp bed in the car port.

tbf they said 'move towards being financially independent', they know they've got to trade off the Palace money for years (and the links forever)

although if I am honest I don't really give a flying fuck about any of this. 

Yes because thats all they can afford.

And Glasserz they are giving up the 95% as well pdq that's the whole point.

What's wrong with you people. And why do I care?

I assume their first new paid engagement will be an exclusive with Oprah.

If you were Harry and Meghan would you want to be dependent on your big brothers largesse for the rest of your life? especially if it is true that the wives can't stand each other?

the response to this is WEIRD 

Who is the Duke of Lancaster / Lancashire out of interest?  I think that's the only other non-crown Dukedom isn't it?

In this matter and almost no other I am in agreement with you ???

??? the whole point of this is that they are working towards being financially independent. I'm not sure if you know what that means but it means they are giving up the 95% as soon as they can. It won't take them long imo. Why would you want to be dependent on your dad at their age? Leaving aside the issue of queenie moving on, on which we are agreed.

There is currently no Duke of Lancaster.  The property of the Duchy of Lancaster vests in the Crown.

Peeps in Lancaster (and Lancastrian regiments) may toast "The Queen, The Duke of Lancaster" but that's just historical, northern twaddle.

The big announcement and the new website is really unnecessary.  

They could have just announced they were undertaking less functions and not taking their civil list money to branch out into new areas.

All that shit about doing stuff in the commonwealth.  No one may want them to represent Britain in the commonwealth.... they could just fvck off.  He's now sixth? in line to the thrown... why make such a drama for this aged grandparents and the succession line?  The last things the royals need now is a public spat.

What they've done is entirely irrelevant.  How they've done it is shit and creating a bigger drama than necessary.  They have chosen to feed the beast...


What's wrong with you people. And why do I care?

Why does any of us care.  Anyway, if the palace already knew then, meh. Good luck to them.  

The question I have is what did Meghan think she was marrying into? 

Yeah, her comment in the African doc-sposé that they didn't have tabloids (or tabloids like the British ones) where she came from so she had no idea what was coming seemed strange. Use the internet! Your then-husband to be's mum was killed in a paparazzi car chase. Tabloid intrusion and criticism of the royals is pretty well documented.

The US tabloids are awful and just blatantly make stuff up.

@ laz @ 09 Jan 20 08:39

I tend to speed read so sometimes make errors; when I saw

"Hard to blame him for declining to bet all his chips on a career in royalness, given the way things are going." I read that as 'chimps' 

For a moment I thought Harry was going to run a wildlife park out of Kensington.

Yep, our tabloids are pretty bad but they're not the National enquirer; and also UK defamation laws are massively more strict than those in the US so that argument holds no water at all.

LOL at the Daily Mail going fucking mental about this, completely proving the Sussex's point

I wonder what the bidding is up to for the first exclusive photoshoot and interview


That's the fourth time you've recycled the same 'joke' on here.  Give it a rest you tede.



What's the bet she 'innocently' bought him one of those DNA testing kits for Christmas?

I think this will herald a slimmed down royal family generally - where the monarch and those in line for throne plus spouses do the royal families “work” and everyone else has a more or less normal life.  Would be better all around

What about the £2.4m they had off us last year to do up their cottage?

They should be sent an invoice to get it back.

'Bryony Gordon, a Daily Telegraph journalist who knows and has interviewed the couple, suggested their decision could be linked to their mental health, after becoming a "punching bag" for a "misogynistic and racist" nation.

She believes the couple will carry on exactly as before "but just for free", as they're "sick of the scrutiny" that comes with taking public money.'


What utter tosh