RoF Jamie!!!

Can you be a poppet and reply to my emails please?




Ah, soz Meh. Yep, we'll chuck in £100 to get things started. Email me where to send the cheque.

If it’s a request to transfer money into your account, check back tomorrow under the news section.

And whilst you're at it, can you get your software engineers to fix the new bug they've created, so that one can paste from an android tablet by right clicking,  the same as one can on every other site on the internet 

Love the idea that rof has "softaare engineers" rather than a petty cash tin from which Jamie can buy fresh hay and replacemwnt sunflower feeds for the hamster...

you can unlink it once it been posted!


Its the only way to C + P on android.

'Its the only way to C + P on android'

You can do it with ctr+v, if you can be arsed, but you have to close and open the page for it to work - another 'improvement' 

The software engineer obviously was trained in DOS 


Nice work Meh!

Thanks Jamie xx