Richer Sounds
PerfidiousPorpoise 22 Oct 21 13:42
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Thinking of doing some home electronics upgrade there. Good/bad experiences?

I bought a Samsung tv there a few years ago and it was keenly priced and came with a 5 yr warranty.

would shop there again 

Yep they are great and the warranty is actually worth the paper it's written on.

Richer Sounds is one of those places that is super cheap so should have awful customer service.  It's not.  It's a really, really good business.  Definitely support them.

Read something in the paper at the w/end.  Someone bought a Samsung TV which had a (think) 2 year warranty.  It failed at 20ish months.  After 4 months of "negotiating" with Samsung, they then said "oopise - time is up on your warranty - piss off".

RIchersounds replaced it on the 5 year top-up warranty they offer, no questions asked.

Lovely company.  I've bought a lot from them over the years, and always been impressed.

Always had good experiences with them.

One employee actually told me what I was about to buy was a bit cheaper in the PC world up the road. So I bought it at the higher price because they were so nice.

What Jelly said. 
the staff are knowledgeable, and helpful. The products are great value for money and good quality. After sales service is exceptional. I believe Julian Richer treats his staff very well.

If only more shops were like RS the world would be a better place.


Quite a profound point really - if only all business could be like Richer sounds most of humanities problems could be solved and we could concentrate on the few other ones e.g. climate change/eco system collapse.  

I remember as a teenager just going in there to gawp at all the (then) unaffordable denon separates and wharfdale speakers etc 

a true treasure trove and a far cry from the bullshit businesses like mobile phone shops that pock our high streets now

Not really humanities problems but definitely the shopping experience.

There is one I’m Brighton Sails , on London rd on the right before that big church or cathedral.


It's a great business, my only caveat would be if buying stereo do your DD on what they're stocking. But for TVs etc, second to none. Their original London Bridge shop, RIP, was for decades the highest billing retail space per sq ft in the world, or something.

Don't think I have bought from them since 2010, but they were excellent and I have been out of the country for most of the interim period

Those are some ringing endorsements. Thanks, folks. I'll be very non-U and buy a large-ish, HD telly.

Knowledgeable staff makes all the difference. My local music shop is one. Its called Andertons and the staff are all musicians, they turn over millions, have a great repair shop and have been voted the top musical instrument retailer in the UK.

Its actually as much a hang out place as a shop. The owner encourages it. If some kid walks in and wants to try out a two thousand quid guitar, he'll say fine. One, its a memory for the kid and two, the kid's dad may well buy it. This is Guildford.

They used to advertise in Viz a lot, so they're in my good books.

Love shops like that Chambers. We had one near where I grew up. They had this amazing orange 60's strat and as you say, it's a great memory to have been allowed to play it even though there was no way a sale was going to be made that day.

Our local guitar shop went out of business last year. Gutting. They would let you try anything out. I'd always buy a pick or two after they had indulged me as I can't justify buying another guitar and had already spent a lot of money with them

Wot everyone else said about Richer Sounds. They know their stuff. Brighton one very good as is the one in London Bridge. Much better than reading about a bunch of specs online.

"large-ish, HD telly"

55 inch LG OLEDs start under £1k now. Hard to go wrong with those. Great picture quality and user interface. RS staff will give an honest appraisal of exactly which one you need.

Slight counterpoint here I found the guarantee on my TV underwhelming and I had the 7 yr VIP. It's just a top up to the manuf one so if it goes before then you have to deal direct with the manuf and richer have nothing to do with it. From what gets posted on forums I was expecting to just get a swap out immediately from them. But no it was booking engineers to check and then taking ages for a replacement.

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