raising the income tax rate on dividends to match the income tax rate on earned income

brainstorm wid me, what sort of problems will this cause in the legitimate (non avoidy) economy?

People who are required to use PSCs by clients will be turbo fucked.

Would have an interesting knock on effect for the private equity world, heh!

the idea is to fuck PSCs so clients can't insist on them

also, actually, you could just pay yourself a salary like a normal person

I'm just not sure why this a problem as the overall tax take either way isn't much different as far as income tax is concerned. I'd have thought the NI is the biggest issue.

Deductibles and timing have an impact on income tax to some extent. The analysis says £5.9bn so who knows.

Why don't we just do away with taxes on income and profits, introduce higher minimum wages and incentives to employment (for employers and employees), to encourage wider employment at higher wages, then increase taxes on consumption, with particular focus on forms of consumption which harm the individual or the environment - fossil fuel, alcohol, religion, political party membership?

This would help align the tax system to a future economy where much labour has been robotificated (labour robotification is like tax hypothecation but with robots) and we all* require a minimum guaranteed income in order to survive.


(*with the exception of silicon valley moguls and tory MPs, who will engineer ownership o fall means of production, including the means of producing the means of production).


And corporation tax advisors will finally bow to their troo overlords the indirect tax team!

I do long for this day also

Fvck VAT. Fuck it, or rather the cretins who levy it, in their stupid arses. 

Tax system needs a complete overhaul.

It should be possible to justify the purpose, scope and level of each tax. And it should be clear which taxes, and which taxpayers, are supporting each item of government expenditure

In practice they are all a total mish-mash evolved over time from short-term bodges. Now there is no logic at all.


P.S.  Spell-check rendered purpose as purées