A propos nuffink at all - summer drinks?

A few of us were out last night, and the subject turned to the fact that we haven't had summer drinks for a couple of years, and it might be nice to enjoy a few Pimms in the sunshine one evening in the near future.  What do people think?  It would need to be somewhere fairly central (just NOTR) and not wanky or dingy, with space outside for the dwindling contingent reprobate smokers.  Any ideas on venue?


Tinky tonk.



First of all, fvck you very much for not inviting me.  I couldn’t have made it, but that is immaterial.

B), there was a summer drinks last year - at the Founders Arms on the South Bank.

iii. Very much so. I’m there. Wherever that is.

Tatershall Castle's not a bad idea.  I think it has an outside area (from memory).  Does anyone have any strong Views?


Strutts, this was a leaving event for Tricky Woo.  Which she didn't turn up to (not because she'd already left though).  But yes, fuck you too (and the horse you rode in on). 

Founders Arms  oh yes,  Sumo brought chocs and I took them home, Founders has got very spenny now, £30 for a bottle of very mediocre wine  and thats the cheapest


I wanted to. Curse Mr Woo and his weakness.

If summer drinks take place pre 27th I'm in. First week of August can do too.

You not leaving till August Woo Woo?, we could have done leaving drinkies later, we can still do them


That’s no horse. His name’s Dux and he’s an ass.

I'm thinking within the next two weeks, so that MJJ and I can bid people farewell before we move out of London.  Plans are in motion, Tricky.  We'll let you know.


Oh, and I still reckon you should have cold clocked Mr Woo with a 3" spanner and brought Red along to the quiz.

Next time I'll drown him in the pool. Mr Woo that is, not Red.

Leaving at the end of the month Abbs! But back for a couple of days in August and October and perhaps more.

I'm up for summer drinks but rather busy this week and next week.

Move out of London!!!!

June isnt good for outdoor events, weather is usually  more unpredictable

What?  What?  Move out of London?

Yes, moving out of London indeed.  Together and all that shit, to be ridiculously happy and soppy in a rural idyll.

Yes, moving out of London indeed.  Together and all that shit, to be ridiculously happy and soppy in a rural idyll.

Well, tits.  So blissfully happy, in fact, that I pressed "post message" twice.

That may be doable for moi, I am off to see Gladys Knight of the 27th



Of course, we'll probably both be working in London a couple of days a week anyway.  But it's a watershed moment.

Fill me in when we meet,







and tell me your planswink

Well, that's three in.  Any more votes for Weds 26 June?

I could do 26 June actually but there is to be a partial convening of slwc on the 25th so I might be too sore

*briefly considers doing the "Oh, hang on, I'll just check my diary," - long silence - "Hello? Oh dear, I find I'm watching television that night" thing in memory of the real Cookie*

I may be about.

wait is this still summer drinks or did I just try to crash woo's leaving do? *kool aid wall leap*

Nope, summer drinks. But we'd be celebrating/commiserating Woo leaving the country and MJJ and I moving house as well.  Everyone is welcome.  Part from Wang (the cunt).

that was in reply to myself not you, badders


thx for being open

Tbh I think most now just want to know full details of precisely what SLWC has planned for the evening of the 25th that's going to leave you sore and out of action 24h later, Clergs.

Well, if you get one and they're worth coming along for please let me know... ;)

p.s. Clergs - I think you've slightly derailed Badders' thread here.




Discussions of dangerous cave-diving optional but very welcome.

(Soz Badman).

I agree with Stix that a Wednesday night sounds like a bad plan. Would attend if in the country, but on 26th I will be in the Netherlands and then lashing in Germany the following 3 days.

Discussion of dangerous cave diving is compulsory.  I can't do Thursday night as I will be at a client event, and we're moving on Friday, so that is out!  Alternative dates?  I could conceivably do the 20th or 21st, but that's very short notice for a big gathering.  We could do something less formal than a summer bash, however there are a few of us who want to do karaoke afterwards!

I am absolutely not doing karaoke on a Wednesday.

I suggest we do this on a Friday when it is actually summer, and you guys can come back for it...