Does anyone have any good suggestions for a placard for the march tomorrow?

why don't you take one of those led by donkeys billboards and make a placard out of it

e.g. nige tweeting how he's going to move abroad if brexit turns out to be a disaster

Bollocks to Brexit

always better in than out

it's not EU it's us


Big red V in a circle on a black background, and wear a guy fawkes mask.

Ideally, bring about a million masks with you.

Muttley is winning so far, but apparently we’re going for militant...

We have EU flags - if I have time I will make a "We heart EU" sign. 


I feel like they need to get a bit more threatening tbh


Why is the media biased?


If you're worried about far right extremism wait until you see what I do when the brie runs out

How about going for LOLs with:

"we don't want to be part of a German dominated 5th Reich.  Unless Turkey is in"

My favourite protests are still when a farmer decides to do a drive by on an office with a slurry spreader. Maybe if the ERG has an office that could be done.

Perhaps rather than placards, it could be suggested that each attendee simply takes a dump in Parliament Square Green.  Parliament has been sh1tting on us, the favour should be returned.

"I want to show I'm superior to all those terrible Brexit people."

How about "We didn't save you from two world wars for you to give us short shrift, EU ungrateful cunts!"?

I think I’m going to just go with “Go fuck yourself Theresa”

simple can be refreshing, therefore I suggest

"Death to the Tories"

a portrait of jrm in crosshairs with slogan "we know where you live"