parliament voting through a new referendum while bodge is still pm
The Oracle of Delphi 11 Sep 19 06:56
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please make this happen

obv happy if any other parl does it

but it would be sooooo much better under the bodge watch

We’re obviously heading for a second ref, and unless you’re a brexit-obsessed Tory who wants to exploit anticorbyniam to generate a fake mandate for No Deal, it’s obviously a better way of settling the question.

It would however be much better to replace the government with an anti-hard brexit coalition before this happens, not least so Johnson can’t play will beggars. This is likely to be necessary anyway as I do not think an extension will be agreed under Johnson. They are going to have to no conf and replace him, and I fucking hope they are making plans to do so as soon as parliament comes back. Seems easier now that all of the Lib Dem, Labour and SNP policy commitments on brexit are reasonably aligned.

The majority in parliament is now held by people who think the best next step is a referendum to choose between deliverable options not unicorn fantasies.

This is good, and means it may well happen, but why the fuck has it taken this long, and why have they not VONCd Johnson yet in order to do it?

Not certain there would be a majority to get this through.  Albeit something may come out of the Labour Party Conference, the Beckett amendment and the subsequent Kyle and Wilson motion failed before. 

I don't understand why nobody raised it again in the latest round mind (unless they were certain it would fail again)...

Presumably the alliance is virtually a done deal between Labour, LD, whipless Tories etc. The potential hold outs are probably the SNP.

Even if it is whipped by Labour, I am not certain all Labour MPs would vote for a second ref... 

Well if Labour MPs are so keen on delivering brexit, they’ve sure turned down multiple opportunities to do so through the easy route of supporting the May WA, or through backing the johnson government’s strategies. 

Labour were never going to vote through any deal the Tories came up with - even if it was the magic unicorn deal the likes of Lady P believe every leave voter required... 

I have no idea what "every voter required" (I suspect they required 17.4 million slightly different things, actually). All I know is what the leave campaigners promised, which was indeed a magic unicorn deal. 

I have a question. What if there is a second referendum in which a small majority votes to leave and then a general election following which the Tories and the Brexit Party end up forming a coalition with a combined 35-40% of the vote? Do they re-trigger article 50 and start all this shit off again? 

Holding a general election after a referendum strikes me as potentially quite dangerous. 

(sorry, should have said a second referendum in which a small majority votes to remain​​​​​​​​​​​​) 

True. The coalition of the nonretarded could just sit it out for another two and a half years.

What we need is to elect a government or a coalition government on a platform of:

- revoke Article 50

- remain in the EU (for now) 

- reform the electoral system to make it more proportional

- adopt a written constitution similar to the one Ireland has, which can only be changed by referendum

- schedule a further EU referendum for the end of that parliament