This One Day rubbish

Kind of black pilled really innit


The story is basically male wish fulfilment .


20 years of a woman trying to tame Chad then eventually (spoiler alert ) succeeding

I kind of got fed up of Dexter reading the book. Wasn't sure why I was meant to root for him .. 

The dilemma in his head is always just "shall I just get with her now and end this stupid book or do I just spend another 10 years chadding it up"


And we're meant to think it's such a great romance. Whatever

The only emotional but is when he visits his 



Nah not him 


I genuinely couldn't give a shit tbh 

The only scene I find sad is where he visits his dying mum and still can't manage to get there sober and his dad yells at him 


As far as the romance goes I root more for the stand up comedy guy but y'know... Not Chad so not good enough 

Haven't read the book. Fair to say it is safely in the 'not really my thing' category. Mrs Donny is watching the series though and I don't mind it. It's easy on the eye to watch and the soundtrack is freaking awesome, basically the soundtrack of my youth. 

It's obviously absolute b*ll*cks but I don't think it is claiming to be high culture. The primary problem is that the guy playing Dexter isn't quite a good enough actor to bring genuine vulnerability to the character. 

As an aside does anyone know why some of the episodes are so short? Some of them are barely more than 20 minutes. 

Long time since I read the book but don't think I rooted for either of them.  He's a rather sad character who is unable to find happiness despite his ostensible success and ultimately she ends up with a man who is likely to let her down.  I recall feeling sorry for both of them and the reason I really enjoyed it was because it reminded me of so much of an era when I was also young and up and coming.  I don't think some of it would make much sense if you'd never watched The Word.

i was forced into watching the first episode and suggested the second episode.  it's harmless, mildly diverting and easy to watch.  the times raved about it yesterday, so i was expecting it to "get going" a bit more after the first episode.  it's fine


I never understood why Dexter stayed in touch with Emma after the first day. She's awkward but not in a way that's funny or endearing, just cringe. she's weird but not in a charming Luna Lovegood way (maybe in a cut your eyes out in all her photo albums way?) . She's just a bundle of insecurities and at that age, I don't know if I'd have stayed around.  She's the whole human embodiment of restless leg syndrome - just twitchy and annoying AF.  Were the rest of his friends just really awful or sth?

Really liked Ambika Mod in This is Going to Hurt but Emma is not a likeable or endearing or interesting character and she's not able to do much with the source material.  I guess I just really hate Dexter and Emma, and also this fecking book?

I enjoyed the series but there never seemed to be any chemistry whatsover between the leads.  When she decided to snog him in Paris it did not feel earned or natural in the least.

Even more “pill” (don’t know what colour) is the BBC show The Tourist with Jamie Dornan where the main dude (Jamie) is a sex trafficking murderer but is portrayed as the good guy and love interest because he’s handsome. The ex boyfriend is overweight and annoying but fundamentally ok and hasn’t killed or trafficked anyone. He’s the baddie.

Oh God. You've really gone and done it now. That's about the worst thing you could say. We just about had him on the straight and narrow. This could be the tipping point.

As far as the romance goes I root more for the stand up comedy guy but y'know... Not Chad so not good enough

He ends up married with kids so does the best out of everyone. If you insist on looking at everything through an incel lens then I'm not surprised you don't like anything. 

For balance, I should add that Dexter is a feckless, empty headed ne'er-do-well. And the best thing about this series is Essie Davies playing his mum. She's so good.

Heh @ gaga

I have to say I’d pay good money to see/hear the Incel School of literary criticism where everything is seen through the lense of ‘Chads’ and ‘Betas’

I have no idea what most of this thread is on about but I do note that in the Super Mario Bros movie which I watched with the kids this weekend, Bowser (almost) coerces Princess Peach into marriage even though it's clear she doesn't want to, but this is all played for laughs and there is even a funny song which the kids keep requesting to play in the car about it (Bowser is played by Jack Black and Peach by Anya Taylor Joy so this is not a low budget thing at all).

I am not usually so sensitive but even I am wondering how TF no one thought this was inappropriate in a kids film

We are only two episodes into it but I’m with sizzlers first post. The girl is quite irritating from the off: I couldn’t feel any chemistry between them on the first meeting and it’s not really explained why they stayed in touch. I will persist with the other episodes since it’s had such good reviews. 

Agreed there is no way they would have formed the first link in "the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers" if that was the chemistry on the first night. 

But I thought it got better as it went on. Particularly as her star shines more brightly and his less. 

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the idea that any man is entitled to be with any woman he chooses (and she has no say in the matter) is totally fvked up and just wrong. 


I don't know how anyone got that from my postings.

Just a bit shite that it's the same small group of men that get everything while the rest of us suffer, and media like this just rubs it in your face tbh. The whole book and film is pure male fantasy projection as I said above. 

the same small group of men that get everything while the rest of us suffer,

Oh fckn please ... how many (percentage) of your male friends/acquaintances are shacked up?  

"Just a bit shite that it's the same small group of men that get everything while the rest of us suffer, and media like this just rubs it in your face tbh. The whole book and film is pure male fantasy projection as I said above. "


eh? Most men end up with a partner if they want one.   Attractive people of both sexes have a big advantage playing the field when they are young but this advantage diminishes with time.

People often underestimate the downsides of being so attractive. With great beauty comes great responsibility. Broken hearts, extra marital affairs, unwanted pregnancies. And then bitter sadness as the once sublime features decay into a more regular handsomeness. A curse.

As to the book/story, you are choosing to ignore the fact that Ian ends up happily married with kids and Dexter is a wreck most of the time and ends up losing the love of his life. 

Generally, you seem determined to wallow in self-pity.  There have been several threads on here where posters have genuinely tried to help you and be constructive, but you are choosing to see life in a warped way, with inevitable results.   

You have agency. 

I can pass on my scientist but she's a bit older so you wouldn't find her attractive even though she has many other great attributes.  I'm going to stick with the red headed deviant.

Ian is a stand up comedian though . Not a proper incel.


Remember the joker only fantasized about being one ... Cos he was a real incel which makes his upcoming sequel appearance with the missus ridiculous 


Anyway my main purpose of the thread was to discuss what trite shit One Day is, not discuss me 

Gaga - not all men are gorgeous and it's not all gorgeous men who are attached/sleeping with someone.  It's all down to you.  I have seen a few threads recently where you've brought up this chad bulls**t so don't know why you feel this way but its odd and you identifying as an incel will not make things any better for you.   You are typecasting yourself and not in a good way.  How old are you?  Are you a lawyer?  Why do YOU think you are unattractive to the opp sex?

I'm quite enjoying it. I think the unspoken tension in their relationship is interesting and that's played well in the programme. 

I don't necessarily think it's Dexter just choosing when he settles - seems to me neither of them would have been in a position to accept the other as they were. 

Admittedly the 'oh, I didn't realise I actually loved this person!' is a well worn trope, admittedly, but interesting to see it done from two different viewpoints rather than the 'pining unseen devotee' trope (see Wedding Singer etc al). 

Also, who hasn't looked back at relationships or loves that haven't blossomed due to reasons outside of attraction or love (etc.)? All those could-have-beens and what-ifs that weren't able to f ourish because of work or location or relationship status or just because of where you or they were up to in their life journey. Those thoughts make us happy and they make us sad. I liked that Dickens quote for that.

What the fvck is dark triad max?! Actually I am not sure I want to know! 

Besides, surely the ‘moral’ of the story to ‘chads’ if you must look at it through this lens is ‘settle down early with the less hot girl you have a connection with. If you wait it and shag around it might well all go horribly to sh1t for you’