Now knife attacks start in Ireland

Ireland, "ethnic" crime and knives. It's a Bernstein full house! 

Is this the same ethnic gang that has been operating up and down north Dublin?

Just googled that news site (always prudent before clicking any links put forward by any of our baby fascists) and it seems TheLiberal had form for playing up the roving gangs of ethnic youths sorts of stories. And has been accused of plagiarism of other content. The owner is referred to as "controversial". 


So make of that what you will. 

Meath amateurs. 

Down in Cork we have a beheaded and legless corpse in a residential back garden. 

Sorry armless not legless.

The Gardai aren’t going to be accused of jumping to conclusions:

Gardai will await the results of a post-mortem but it is expected that the probe will be upgraded to a murder investigation

tarquers - you do know that most drugs traders are white? 

Tarquin you contemptible dickhead

You forgot to post “plan coming to fruition now”