Not a great look

the senior copper who locked his car as he watched PC Palmer killed

Yes, locking the door and slowly sliding down in your leather seat in the back of your air conditioned car, and watching as your subordinate is stabbed to death. 

Still, let’s not forget, he “didn’t have a radio” so what use would he have been? 

What did they expect him to do, leap out of the car with a couple of guns and take the attacker down single handed like in some Hollywood action film. There could have been more than one attacker. The drivers job was to get him and the passangers out of there.

He should resign. Unconscionable behaviour. These people are here to protect us.

"The drivers [sic] job was to get him and the passangers [sic] out of there."

And his job was to police the streets.


I don't think he was even armed. I suppose he could have used harsh language.

Ducks you complete nobba.  This is an entirely appropriate reaction from a commanding officer without stab vest or bullet proof protection arriving and realising a situation was underway. Lock down to avoid becoming a casualty and get to a position of safety from which to operate as an effective command and control resource.  To dive into the thick of it would (a) have been an illogical response to the threat and (b) risked depriving the scene of its leadership.  It is being portrayed by you and the media as abandonment of responsibility but it is not. It is application of best practice.

Why are you such a penis?

it was not his job to police the streets you cockend. His job was acting Commissioner. The Commissioner's role is to deliver strategic leadership of the Metropolitan Police Service



Relevant extract of report of the inquest:

Mackey said he saw Palmer fall down as Masood pursued and stabbed him. “One of the PCs, quite rightfully, said: ‘Get out, make safe, go, shut the door,’ which he did, and it was the right thing to do.

“That’s when I thought: ‘I have got to start putting everything we need in place. We have got no protective equipment, no radio, I have got two colleagues with me who are quite distressed,’ so we moved out.”

He told the inquest that though it was his “instinct” to get out of the car, he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt with no equipment and was accompanied by two colleagues who were not police officers. “I think anyone who came up against that individual would have faced serious, serious injury, if not death,” he added.

The jury was shown footage of Masood, armed with two bloodied knives, pursuing officers following the attack on Palmer.




So, dux.

1. it was on recommendation from a PC at the scene

2. it was on the basis of a reasonably held belief as to imminent risk

3. the imminent risk then played out

4. so it was right to do this.

This is exactly the problem with this country and modern society generally.

We're run by people like Mutters and Chambo, wannabe civil servants obsessed with process and risk assessments and "strategic management".

Fortunately, Tobias Ellwood MP wasn't accompanied by his strategic risk advisor, and decided to try to save someone's life instead.

You seem constantly to be complaining about this country.  It must be very difficult for you living in the 21st Century when your spiritual home is the Regency period.

You genuinely haven't engaged with any element of the analysis above. You said his job was to police the streets. I say his job is to run the police service.  You would not expect the Chief of the Defence Staff to say "ah fuckit" and lift and join in defending a compound in Helmand, but instead his role is to deliver on his responsibilities for deployment of the entire force and account to government for that. You have no idea what you are talking about.

The issue, if there is one here, is how come a serving senior officer can scoot about Westminster in a vehicle without any radio communication with the service he is supposed to lead.  That is a failure. 



If an off-duty policeman seems something bad happening, one might expect him to do something to intervene (as for example the ex-RGJ Tory MP did).

he wasn't off duty. He was on duty and his duty involved something you seem to be overlooking. Please do go and see someone about the support-for-learning needs as life will be less hostile if you do.

He could have stepped in. Have read and heard serving and retired police officers saying he should have done, and even had an unwritten definite duty to. Think there may be a fair bit of hindsight involved in that view. Second post on this thread gives a good example of the 'easy' line the meeja are taking on this - slinking down in leather seat whilst colleague is stabbed to death, etc.

The 'don't put the head of command at risk' train of thought is probably right, imho - the rest just attempts to whip up a storm for hysteria headlines.

Do we know at what point he left the car and helped, if at all? That might be more telling if he didn't once an 'all clear' was given / it was established it was a lone attacker who was no longer a risk.

Not sure I'd want to be the last other person in a lifeboat with him.

Where's John McClean when you need him?



If I were to be in any kind of urban/jungle warfare situation with half a dozen RoFers (I can think of a few who might be good), they most certainly wouldn't include you 3-Ducks.

'I say old chap, this all appears terribly unseemly' he might say.

Before he was shot or stabbed.


a telegraph writer really puts the boot in, calling him a coward

it's perfectly possible to have different views on this. calm down everyone

No, that’s my material. Don’t give the meeja the credit for the powerful scene I’ve created, that’s ITV drama level screenplay.