Nicola Sturgeon didn't curtsey @ the queen

I approve of this but how much of a faux pas is it?

Would be worse if she’d offered the queen a bite of her pizza crisp

I hate populist shit like this. How can nobody see through the joke government that is more right wing than the Tories on healthcare and is so independent it will not use its full tax powers to create a tartan utopia, and openly disputes the findings of its audit office? Swivel eyed loons have been in operation north of the Border since well before Farage appeared on the scene. It's just that these ones have quaint heritage to attract more sympathy than them. 

curtseying is idiotic

they could introduce a hat doff or sthg

3dix and me are ad idem yet again.

maybe it's a "nice person" thing (apart from me or 3dix obv)

bananaman! I must query what you mean abou "full tax powers" cos they are using all the usable ones as we speak

(also do you mean the fiscal commission?)

What next? Turning her back at the national anthem? 

female politicians who are elected should not curtsey ever


it's not polite it's mental


also it's quite hard in heels (see eg theresa may's giraffe on really powerful pot impression)

Well that would also be a poor show. (As opposed to turning your back at a non-national anthem)

Sorry not very clear. I mean tax everyone as much as they can to cover to create enough cash to fund e.g. the NHS to the extent they would like people to think they do.

NS openly questioned the GERS figures before eventually retracting it. Don't think I have ever heard even the most one-eyed Westminster politician say the NAO are political stooges, but I could be wrong. 

I just find it really depressing that some illusionists hiding behind the myth of Braveheart can squander the ability to do something genuinely different (i.e. not have to stay close to the right) because their Twitter attack dogs would vote for them even if they proposed stabbing everyone that couldn't prove Scottish heritage in the eye with a sgian-dubh. I guess the only positive is that Alex Salmond is now a busted flush so we don't have to endure his patronising shite on the screens anymore.  

GERS is produced by the Scottish Government so it's not quite the same dynamic as UKG/NAO

the illusionist thing is super depressing. Did you see the robert the bruce twitter meltdown?

its not too much of a faux pas anymore as you can just do a bow or shake hands with her instead

oh that is good news! so really we should be judging anyone who still does it?

judge away,


I always (twice) curtsy when meeting royalty. I LOVE a curtsy