New York vs California Bar

Hi everyone,


First time posting on here but have been visiting the site off and on since I was applying for vac schemes yeaaaars ago. Was after some opinions/advice and figured this would be a good forum for it!

I'm about 4.5 years PQE now and in-house at a silicon valley multi-national tech company. Trained here as well and whilst I'm open to moving companies,  I don't see myself going to private practice. Will likely remain in the tech/internet sphere. I'm in general commercial, but have been in Litigation in the past.


I was thinking of doing some courses/trainings that would add value rather than just for the sake of it. Masters, IP courses etc. are an option, but I don't think anyone cares about those. Given my field, I was thinking of doing the US bar. I realise no one in the UK would care about it, but if there is an interesting opportunity in the US, it would allow me to take advantage of it. 


Assuming this view isn't completely off base, and feel free to tell me if it is, I was debating between California and New York. California makes sense given my current company and the companies I'm generally interested in. However, New York is easier and the companies don't care much which one it is. This is based on talking to some of the US folks at my company.


Anyone here have any thoughts or views on this? My company is willing to support me doing it with the cost of it/the courses etc. (perhaps not all of it as we have an annual training budget, but for a large chunk of it), so that's an advantage as well.


Thanks everyone!


If you are in a silicon valley multi-national the answer is staring at you in the face. Chances are you will either move up the ladder at your existing place or move to another similar organisation. Also consider a good MBA.