New vacuum cleaner

FFS. Our Miele vac has died about 2 months after expiry of the warranty. 

Why is it impossible to buy a decent vacuum cleaner that lasts nowadays?

Does anyone recommend theirs? FAOD, I am not buying a Dyson, I've had 3 before and none of them lasted more than a year or two.

Dyson are shite.

If you want longevity get yourself a Henry

I've got a Vax cordless that I've had for about a year and it does just as good a job as a Dyson at half the price.  No problems with it so far.

Dyson's are super easy to fix though. A new motor is 30 squids and there are 6 screws and done. 

Too noisy for me though.  I'm buying a cordless next time. I never want to see a cable again. 

Buy a Henry, it's not fancy but it lasts forever. I've seen builders use them to hoover up all sorts of crap.

Also, if ever do any late night hoovering you can pretend to be an office cleaner.

well we got a Miele when we got married 23 years ago and it is still working, although its attachments have taken a beating, and we recently bought another Miele to keep it company and it's absolutely ace. Sorry for you loss, Heff.

cordless are shite. Why would you constrain yourself with battery limits/power consumption trade-offs, when every room in your house has a 24/7 instant-on-electric facility?


Call Miele and get them to fix it.  I had a Samsung washing machine that died 3 months out of the 5 year warranty.  They sold me a top-up warranty for £45 and fixed it under that.  The repair cost was £190 (covered).



Why are cordless Dyson so hard to empty?  You need a Phd to work out how to get the little flap to open.

Corona the Dyson I have with a cord is quieter and better than the cordless so I tend to use it instead.

I recommend Sebo.  They look ugly but ours has lasted years.  They use them in the hotel industry appaz.

My cleaner asked me to get a Henry, which seems very good. I miss my cleaner so much. 

Sails, I've not tried the new generation. And I probably won't,  the prices are insane. 

My preferred route is to buy a broken minter for ten quid and fit a new motor. It's amazing what folks throw away. 

I get that warm saving the planet glow too.

I feel like every office or shop cleaner I've ever seen has been using Henry so that seems like the way to go if you want something that will actually last. 

Henrys are great in many ways but unwieldy to pull around, and the shape of the head means they miss bits. If you can be bothered to use the different attachments tho they are v good indeed for the price. 

I can recommend Shark, they are ace. Ours has headlights so I can hoover in the dark

Have a Shark and will never go back to Dyson.

Waaaay better.

Hefalump, you can probably buy a motor for your vac online. Easy to fit. Google the parts list.