Money Question

Marcus 1.5% or premium bonds.

Hit me!

I'd go for something where you get an increase in your input for negligible cost

and a free checking account

have u googled

think they also do white goods

I have never had much luck with premium bonds but they are so much more fun!

Hmm you’re in Spain, talking about financial investments with a guy called Marcus.  You’re not shacked up with that bloke from El Dorado are you? 

No. It's that account from Goldman Sachs. Chicken boy is doing his VAT return so I'm just doing some life admin. And I need to put this money somewhere and can't be arsed setting up another regular saver drip feed effort.

Honestly in this global economy I’d just buy gold coins.

Can't you ask chicken boy for advice?  Or is it too poultry an amount for his investment strategy?  

Maybe he’s reluctant to peck something so important for her so early on in their relationship.

So you're saying she should scratch around for the best pickings?  That ain't workin

That’s eggsactly what I was saying but maybe you’re right.  

I suggest you invest in student lets or if you want something safer Mr Woodford has an excellent choice of funds 

I sold my premium bonds, I had them since I was born and I only won £25 on them in that time.


I love my Marcus account, the website is so lovely and clear

I've already won £25 since March so I've decided to whack a bit more in. Can always move to Marcus if need be.

P.s. Loving the chicken jokes!

Hope he's not making you do any chores so you feel hen-pecked

Also hope you're not feeling to coup(ed) up in his Spanish abode

Got £600 in premium bonds today

That was nice