Millenials vs Gen Z

millenials = po faced puritans who swallowed the bullshit

Gen-Z = v v cool the first genuinely revolutionary generation since the hippies

I mean if that's a one word punchline then bravo. Idk if you are a millennial tho, you would have to be for that to work.

Just correcting your spelling. The impact of your  message is lost if all people can think about is that you lack spelling ability. 

Stixa can you expand on that do you agree, disagree, add something pls

Fair play. Obviously it's a generalisation some millennials are cool.

Gen-Z is a data access group

presumably op just means Gen Z

? @ wello


it’s only a typo if it’s accidental hyoo m7

I've been schooled and humiliated. Pay good money for that usually.

Were the hippies a generation or a sub-group? And haven't there been hippies in each generation? Not sure it all makes sense m8. You might be best starting over.

Yeah sure but when you say "some" [insert group] it doesn't get as many clicks

I believe the first hippies were from the Baby Boomer generation.  Not sure what the Gen X equivalent is, but the Millennial version is the hipster, I think.  

As an Xennial, I am unsure of the distinctions.

You're looking for clicks on here?!  Try Mumsnet poppet.



is there a more cutting form of address?

Need clix for my social media profile.

thanx for understanding 

Approx 5% of the youth of each generation conforms to the hackneyed media portrayal, be it hippies, mods and rockers, New Romantics, punks etc etc.

Meanwhile the rest of us are exactly the same, from  each generation to the next.

Basically, if male, a combination of Adrian Mole and Simon from Inbetweeners. 


Tbf the Rockers were a fairly representative group of that generation. 

Jesus dux, are you ever right about anything?

The rockers were not representative. They were very much a motorbike based, mostly working class sub culture. Even the name rocker comes from motorbike engines.

At the time most young men would not have owned a motorbike and have gone out for the evening (probably on public transport) having had a shave when they got back from work and wearing  a suit and tie. That is what would have been representative for the time.

the Gen X hippy equivalent was new age travellers no?