Milk Chocolate Hobnobs

Impossible to only eat one of these, of course. 

*drinks coffee*

*continues to look out of the window and do no work*

Not a huge hobnob fan but Waitrose do awesome chocolate chip shortbread biscuits and I could eat a pack of those in a single sitting.

pre the detox, my favourite biscuits: choco leibniz


What Judo said...

...especially the dark chocolate version.

I also love a fig roll, which I feel contribute to having a regular system.

A plain chocolate digestive with a cuppa takes some beating.


If you are a fan of Liebnitz, have you tried Pickup bars made by Bahlsen? Mmmm


I just googled pickup bar at work. error.

orange Club biscuits are spooge out of the devil's gangrenous horsecock

No choc on biscuits. Is wrong.  Simple, plain dig. bis. with hot milky tea.  Yum.  

Both 18.52 posts are making me lol on the train and people are staring