London House prices fall at fastest rate in 10 years

Legal Alien.

Indeed, let them tumble.

A total collapse would be better. London is an unreality at present and those who either have to commute or are paying all of their disposable income into rent would welcome it. 

There was once aT-shirt that said 'I don't give a shit what your house is worth'. Is it still available?

There'll a tramp wearing one around Victoria somewhere, SecularJurist.

You can't have a proper house price crash without and equally levelling contraction of every other aspect of the economy. Ask anyone who was employed through Gordon Brown's property crash in 2009.

I only really cared about the value of my house when I had a mortgage, taken out at yesterday's prices, secured against it. Now that I own it outright - f*ck it - I'm not exiting the housing market any time soon, and if I decide to move then the price of everything else will most likely have fallen in parallel.