LinkedIn - I really love LinkedIn because its so inspirational

Every day i see posts like "I'm not interested in your money or your status, i'm interested in how you treat others".

There's also like loads of kids with bionic limbs and stuff. This is great. 

Or peoples Just Giving pages when they're raising money for something really valuable

I also love the one about Iceland now making it ILLEGAL to pay women less than men. which is also awesome, even though the UK did this about 30 years ago

Every time i feel down or lacking inspiration, i just load-up linked in and imediately i feel better

yeah, i think you're right Teclis. Maybe i'm losing my touch

Nah, don't. Honestly, it's not necessary to try again. Really. You shouldn't. I insist.

if i dont then you wont have anything to bite....and i wont have anyone to laugh at

The harder you virtue signal the harder you can screw the gullible acolytes that come and work for you. "Sure the pay is crap and i stay late every night but it's a GREAT company"

there's probably a way of cleaning up your linkedin  feed. don't ask me how to do it though