A letter from a 10 year old brexiter

Erm, he's called Matthew

Equally improbable tbf if the kidz names down the montessori are anything to go by

He refers to his “friend Jim” in the letter.

the author is clearly a nonce

Obviously fake. It would be funny if someone uncovered the real author.

Good man, I like his style!

Depressing though that the brainwashing is apparently at the same level it was when I was at school. Some of the masters were awful. The worst culprit is now serving at Her Majesty's pleasure, although that's for paedophilia rather than Europhilia. 

Can anyone confirm exactly how much of the primary school curriculum is devoted to pro-EU brainwashing

I should imagine a very tiny proportion, but it only takes one off-the-cuff remark (perhaps extolling the EU, or a snarky comment about how nation states are weaker outside of a supranational political structure) from someone in authority, for impressionable youngsters to fix a firm view in their mind. 

Some, of course, will be like me and stubbornly believe the exact opposite for the rest of their lives as an act of rebellion. 

Schools today eh.

i be they’re not even particularly complimentary about the Empire anymore. Totally forgetting how we gave the natives railways, cricket and, for the survivors, a stronger immune system 

They don’t talk about politics at all at my kids’ primary school, not even when major things happen like an election or the PM resigns and they definitely don’t mention Brexit.

if this letter is genuine he clearly has twatty parents filling his head with crap 

I refuse to believe that State school teachers, who seem to be all Islington lefties, are capable of keeping their opinions to themselves when presented with the opportunity to influence the next generation. 

I know of more than one primary school that ran mock Brexit referendums in the run up to the real thing.

10 year olds tend to be more interested in sports, music or computer games than politics or complex global economics.

There was a leftie english teacher at my school in th '70s and '80s who kept on going on about the miners strike, clearly trying to push his own views on us. He was told not to do it.

I still think the letter is fake.

Lol as if a 10 year old wrote this. 

*Googles to check whether Jacob Rees-Mogg has a son named Matthew*


I don't think I had ever even heard of the EU when I was 10 so the brainwashing obviously passed my school by. 

We did have a mock general election in 1997 in which the Lib Dems won a landslide victory though, which was lolsome as I imagine most parents would have been Tories.