Law commission wants to criminalize ‘inflammatory cartoons’

Saw that. It's crazy. Also removing the private dwelling exemption in the Public Order Act, adding a raft of new protected categories...

yeah, I'm sure this government will get right on that 

although, thinking about it, maybe it is a vote winner afterall ?

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The role of the Law Commission is poorly understood in this thread.


yeah, I'm sure this government will get right on that 


Given the gov'ts utterly infallible ability to make the wrong decision and totally misread the room, I expect this to be law within a fortnight.


I'm sure it'll be fairly and proprotionately applied across the board, and not just used to protect a couple of groups, who will be allowed to say whatever they like.

Surely existing hate speech laws are sufficent to cover anything serious.  If I can say it then I should be able to make a cartoon of it, and if not, not.

The private dwelling exemption bit is, frankly, bonkers. 

This is why the wise Mao Tse Tung included intellectuals as one of the 'seven stinking categories ' to be sent out into the fields to do heavy manual work so that they could 'learn from the peasants '

Mao understood that intellectuals, with too much time on their hands, spent their days looking for, and creating trouble 

Mate it's already taken 2 minutes to open and it's not downloaded yet.  Whatever that is is not a precis.