Labour on 18%

UK becoming a 4 way marginal, apparently

In the most recent poll 57% of Labour 2017 voters now say they would vote for another party, with 28% going to the Lib Dems, 15% moving to the Greens and 10% moving to the Brexit party.

I saw a poll the other day showing that only 1% of adulterers thought that Corbyn would make the best PM. Farage was their most popular choice, followed by Boris.

what do you think about it being swayed by labour voters pretending they won't vote labour to tempt a GE, Maybot style

Are you suggesting the poster who goes by ??? is an adulterer or really a Labour supporter trying to tempt the new leader into a reckless early election?

This will not be reflected in any GE. There has never been anything like this big a shift in such a short period of time and Brexit is not a big enough crisis to really do this. 

Clergs - an adultery website polled its members (fnar)

I am not surprised at this, it is difficult to see really why anyone has any reason to vote Labour at the moment and I say that as a party member.

[email protected] not a bit enough crisis

the brits have never liked being humiliated and they don't like it now

they will like it even less in october/november

apparently the power mad nutjobs surrounding him see a 2nd referendum as a "betrayal of the working class" perhaps not realising that a greater bertrayal is to pursue a policy that will wipe out skilled working class jobs - khunts.

Heh. Yeah, the State knows best. Those silly working class people eh? Doing themselves out of jobs, what what??

the idea that the working class support brexit is yet another twisted myth, propagated by lying brexters 

the working class were split on brexit, inconclusive, with only a narrow favour to the side of brexit 

the only really comprehensive division on brexit/remain is whether someone had a formal education or not, followed by age

Heh. Yeah, the State knows best. Those silly working class people eh? Doing themselves out of jobs, what what??

Anyone who voted for Brexit is silly, working class or not (except for a handful of khunts who want to turn us into a low tax, low regulation, low welfare off shore twatfest which you can be sure will work to the disadvantage of 95% of the population)

 "low tax, low regulation, low welfare off shore twatfest"

Bring it on


"He refused to compile GDP statistics arguing that such data was not useful to managing an economy and would lead to officials meddling in the economy.[5]He was once asked what the key thing that poor countries could do to improve their growth. He replied: “They should abolish the office of national statistics.”[6]According to Catherine R. Schenk, Cowperthwaite's policies helped it to develop from one of the poorest places on earth to one of the wealthiest and most prosperous: "Low taxes, lax employment laws, absence of government debt, and free trade are all pillars of the Hong Kong experience of economic development."[7] The Economic Freedom of the World 2015 Report ranks Hong Kong as both the freest economy in the world, a distinction it has held since this index began ranking countries in 1975, and among the most prosperous"

the State knows best

you do know ducks that since the referendum result we have had a government seeking to enact brexit? 

You do know some people in Hong Kong are so poor they literally live in a cages Bernstein?

Yes Bernstein, that might work as a macro level for a city state that acts as a gateway to Asia for the West and has an unlimited supply of virtually slave labour who don’t mind living 3 to a shoebox.  I suspect your average Chinese/Hong Kong resident’s life experience from 1945-1997 wasn’t great.

Sorry, phrased that wrong.  Who are so desperate that they are living 3 to a shoebox.

"you do know ducks that since the referendum result we have had a government seeking to enact brexit?"

I didn't know that and, frankly, I still don't believe it.

Ha yes, they just didn’t belieeeeeeve in Brexit enough to make it happen.  Cretin.

Well they were unwilling to countenance withdrawal without a free trade agreement being in place. So...yeah.

Free trade agreement?  What the fvck are you talking about?

Dux, seriously, are you ever right about anything?

I mean doesn’t it disturb you that pretty much everything you say is demonstrably wrong?

I'm talking about the negotiated settlement (a "deal") pertaining to trade and movement of people which apparently was, in the minds of those who voted Leave, a precondition to withdrawing from the European Union.

Golly, I wonder where people got that idea.




(to clarify as I suspect you're too thick to realise this but Norway and Switzerland are in the Single Market)



There you are, just muddying everything with facts and evidence.

Yes Threepwood, having fled your Communist paradise

"As many as 100,000 came to the city each month after the Communist Party took power in 1949. Many secretly swam the perilous 4km stretch of water from Shenzhen, risking death by drowning or being shot by People’s Liberation Army guards.

Hong Kong’s population count continued to rise exponentially in the years that followed, reaching 3.1 million by 1960 and just under 4 million by 1970. Today, the city’s population density is one of the highest in the world."

I mean, do I have to do this?  Do I have to point out that you're essentially saying it was good because it was better than a communist China aflame in civil war?

Civil war? 

Cultural revolution- great leap forward more like

Always good to remind comfortable leftists where their angry fantasies lead to 

I’m sure that in your head your performance in this thread has been heroic. 


And yes, the civil war that lasted until about 1950.