I got one in our veg box this week. What shall I make with it?

Was this just to make half of Rof google what that is? If so it succeeded with me.  Looks like it’s best used as a slaw ingredient.

I love kohlrabi Dusty - we used to grow it in our veg garden at our old house.

If you have a little one, shave it into a salad. It's peppery and crunchy, kind of like radish.

If you have a big one, cut it into wedges, sprinkle with olive oil, salt and whatever herbs take your fancy, and oven bake them like chips.

Ooh, it's pretty big and beautifully purple. It looks like an alien turnip. Think I will opt for the roast idea. Thanks Girkly xxx

reminds me of my nutsack after I had a hernia operation. "Don't worry" said the surgeon "if after the operation there is a little discolouration in the local area as there's quite a lot of blood flow to the lower abdominal region" . What he should have said is "don't be alarmed if you wake up and it looks like I have replaced your testicles with a pair of aubergines".

A Fomorian War Turnip.

It's like a medieval mace, but with a turnip instead of a spiky ball.

Oh youse guys! You just made a thread about a root vegetable funny.