Kate Winslett

I like her, but I was watching last night her in WDYTYA.

It wasnt long before the overacting came out

I always get suspicious when actors cry like that ( I am not on about when she was talking about her mother) but about long long dead relatives they have just found out about

I found her quite grating last night, especially when she was acting like her ancestors were Robin Hood.


They were stealing food from other starving people and deserved to be punished

I thought her over-reactions were grating, given these were distant relatives from a remote past.  Either she was putting it on for the cameras or she must be very irritating to be with.

Awful woman

'Winslet is known for her willingness to perform nude scenes, having done so in 12 of her films, although she considers its contribution to the narrative before agreeing to it.. She believes that these scenes promote a positive body image among women.'

haven't seen it but she's always a bit OTT in interviews etc

she was ace in Extras though so I can forgive her anything for that

Extras probably was her best performance, as herself, shame her extras self is less irritating than her real self.

I thought the first WDYTYA of this series with Naomi Harris was very good, they traced her family back to the  woman brought over from Nigeria as a salve in the 1700's

She was matter of fact about the whole slavery thing and what happened happened and it was something awful but it was what it was, and it was a good episode, and she is a lovely looking girl

Well the 2nd one Pheebs, I though it was Naomi. 

Daniels acts like he should be or has been on ritilin for years

I don't think anyone's convinced by her faux-anger at discovering that people she didn't know and had never heard of died 200 years ago. Boo-hoo. Seriously, get a grip love.