job application things that enrage you

1. competency-based questions for anyone more advanced than a grad schemer


2. "Blind" recruitment.



Appreciate your attempts to keep up traffic but would it be quicker/calmer to list things that don't enrage you?

The facts that all the jobs Id remotely consider to be worth applying for are in fields Ive never worked in and am unqualified for.

hey rham, tell me about a time when you had to overcome resistance to your brilliant initiative?

Does the time I tried to follow prince William into a portaloo count?

Thinking back, I never did put in an application for my last two jobs.  Was just offered them after interview.  I think my penultimate job I was supposed to for HR purposes but never got around to it.  Last job it wasn’t even mentioned.

yeah as someone who tends to get jobs without properly applying for them I am familiar with the "o God we are desperate I suppose" face too

I admire your can do spirit when approached by theatrical agents who have been let down by the liz truss impersonator they have booked for the evening and even though the accent isn’t quite right you’ll have to do.

The amount of people who grumble about shit on here and you always pick on Clergs. I enjoy her rages. Life is frustrating for the most part for a lot of people and they just bite their tongues. RoF needs threads like this.

I understand that most of you live very gilded lives and can flit into things with hardly a raised eyebrow, but not everyone is wired in the same way. So, leave her alone and post on other threads or just enjoy the rage and tell her about things that enrage you too about job applications and stuff. It's not rocket science, ffs.

If this was in person and you constantly pecked at someone in the office in the same way whenever they made a comment about something that annoyed them, you'd be hauled up for bullying.  

I note that you failed to respond to my contraception advice on your thread the other day dusty.  Am I to assume you have fully embraced this concept and therefore simply didn’t want to embarrass me with your gratitude?

Aww, how needy are you, needing a response? That's adorable.

It’s because of my level of admiration.  I require validation.

Coming from the opposite end of the profession here, but


"entry-level" job postings for paralegal roles, which then go on to stipulate "minimum 6 months' experience at MC/US firm" and LPC and even one said "minimum LLM or PhD in law"

Not speaking from experience at all, just anecdotal observation, but I would never recommend people go the parabeagle route.  I think it teaches you how to file documents and photocopy but very little else compared to some solid industry experience that you could gain at either an existing client (neat trick if you can cozy up to someone senior) or an aspiration client (good intel gathering exercise and possibly provide a friendly face at pitches) of your primary law firm target.

Really don’t rule out the likes of Pinsents, DLA, eversheds.  Many of them are far more flexible than the top tier firms but a much more realistic option.

Really don’t rule out the likes of Pinsents, DLA, eversheds.  Many of them are far more flexible than the top tier firms but a much more realistic option.

I won't devolve the dicussion of this thread by going into this, but I did post "Training Contracts with a Low 2.1" which kind of discussed this if you want to get into it! I'm a recent graduate (4 days ago!) so any advice you could pop on there would be greatly appreciated


(Sorry to everyone on this thread not wanting to see this conversation!)