jilly cooper

fair comment. nothing wrong with a bit of escapism


Whilst i shudder to share any similarity with Rishi, i totally endorse the Jilly Cooper rationale.  I read all of her books in order and bloody loved them.  They are utter trash escapism and chewing gum for the brain when you want something to take your mind elsewhere.

not very on message for modern women in the me too era though bailey? obviously I’ve never read them….. similar confusion re the popularity amongst women of Pretty Woman. 

Did Cooper ever include a trans character in any of her many, many books?

If not, why not, and her entire output should be cancelled, deleted and burnt.

There can be no compromise here.

Is she the women that writes pornography for women?

I haven’t read but I assume it objectifies and degrades men.

”the muscular ostler gestured to his engorged loins” etc.

 looking after horses is a skilled and dignified profession, and not just for gigolos!

Taught me all I know about the birds and the bees, said the PM, hurriedly stowing his freshly oiled riding crop.