he has a lovely smile, Clubbers but can also look devilishly mean and moody.


I hear he won’t date anyone an ounce over 6 stone. 

I could get down to 6, but it might take me 5 or 6 months. 


My dad only weighs 7 and a half.

married for 25 years. 4 kids.


that is going to be some settlement.


That looks like Bell's Palsy to me. Or alternatively only one side of the face got the joke.


She looks quite odd too. No way there are two legs in that dress. Some sort of monopedal alien creature. Her chin arrangement is from a Crimewatch e-fit.

Was there a pre-nup in place when he was "skint" he was married for 25 years right before he hit the jackpot.

I don't know what that means, bloop.

I have scoured the internet and cannot get confirmation of this medical diagnosis.

I have found a website which says all the great things Jeff Bezos has done and ends each paragraph with "Yeah, but the staring eye - what the fuck is that all about". which shows some effort at least.

yesterday, u wang on about how beautiful kevin spacey is

today, u r face shaming mrs bezo

as your counselor of many years mutters, I think it is time to be honest...

and u, judo, eat a fucking cheezbgr

Heh at Muttley. Nearly as funny as in the olden days .


"Her chin arrangement " in parricular made me chortle. 

Odd observation to make, when he’s been up your crack for a decade.

Wow you actually believed the line it was a conscious uncoupling of two people who remain great friends?!

trashier version of the wife?

One of the Skool Run mums was recently responsible for a billionaire mega divorce. He had been married long enough to the same woman to have adult children with her (early 20s). The Skool Run Mum is ok looking with a strange dental arrangement (thanks Muttley) and a total absence of brain / own personality. A well groomed v obvious golddigger. HOW THE FUCK DO THESE INTELLIGENT MEN FALL FOR IT? or do they not care? surely to god they can get all the blowjobs they want without landing themselves with a dull self obsessed bimbo for the foreseeable, in exchange for £500m or whatever? Where is their dignity / pride???

She's a bit odd looking.  Her face looks like it was very expensive.

Apparently she and her husband (one of the top agents in Hollywood) have been good friends of the Bezos family for 10 years and have a holiday home in Seattle. Entirely coincidentally, both she and Bezos separated from their respective spouses around the same time last year and started dating each other. 

Judo how do you feel now Jeff has been outed as a sexting love rat?

She wouldn't mind if it had been with her... ...otherwise she minds a lot !

you know these things sometimes happen.  Oh and appaz there is not pre-nupt

thought both of them had separated before they started dating?

Stru she definitely had.  It's not quite so clear cut it sees for him.