As most of you will know, I took the rather drastic decision to vacate Tecco Towers a while back because I was becoming horribly cut off from the world and actually it was quite unhelpful for my mental well being.

So I moved to a place in a lovely little village, I'm 15 seconds away from the sea, there's a shop and a few pubs and suchlike, it's all very civilised.  However, for complicated reasons, there is not yet a phone line, or an internet connection, or even a television aerial. Also, as it is at the foot of a largely built up castle wall, no mobile signal either.  

I am currently roffing to you by virtue of my mobile phone being balanced on my kitchen window that is leeching wifi from the pub next door and then providing my iPad with a personal hotspot.  It's actually all quite refreshing, I've been able to get nearly three chapters of my book written out of simple desperation of having nothing to do. 

I strongly suggest you try switching off grid, for a little while at least, life seems rather different when you aren't bombarded with news of plagues, famines and pestilence in thirty second updates.

so you've not yet heard about zombies invading Liverpool?

Old news m5.  All the scouse unemployed football fans have been on spice for years!

this week, I was in top shape, meaning I wake up at 6pm without alarm clock and am full of energy. that has never happened in my life, I was never a morning person

I have read that you mustn't spend the last waking hour of yur day looking at a screen, be it TV or smartphone and indeed I haven't, I have read a book from 10pm-11pm and then went to bed

Inspirational stuff. You both should collaborate on a self help book.