If the U.K. remains, the EU will be dysfunctional

And putin and trump have won

It's a tempting thought but I'm still not going to support Remain. 

One of the reasons why Remain is better than May's Appeasement.

Not that I wish our neighbours ill.  Just that inside the tent we can fight against the mindless, grey borg that is ever closer union

Maybe sometimes the Ends justify the Means.

For example, volunteering to fight fascism.  Ok, it was only boring 99% of the time. And how can you be sure that it is losing when you start the Crusade?

More dysfunctional than it is with Orban and his Polish chums in it?

About the only thing that makes Brexit appeal to me is getting out of an entanglement with an organisation so wide open to abuse by the proponents of "illiberal democracy". 

I want to kick out Hungary too

or amend all rules that require unanimity 

orban will be kicked out of EU Conservative party, he can join the Salvini wanker posse