I have had nothing to eat today

Earlier I had an uncomfortable harassment experience that I can't really talk about.

And my skin is sore like a rosacea shop.

I think I cannot stand the pathos of ageing.

And yet life goes on far too long doesn't it.

And it's frigging baking here! What's going on.

I think I will have a bag of chips.

What are you up to?

Attempting to do a reference. Sorely tempted to farm it out to the candidate. I think it's fair given that I have done 10+ questions, and I farm out the 'how does [*] deal with pressure, and give an example' type of questions. 

Ffs, I don't remember candidate's work! It was 2 yrs back! How is this 15+ questionnaire normal. Bloody HR tick-boxes. 

kind of, yes

will teach me to go out without my zorbing orb

I am still in a fug and had a pie for lunch to try to shake me out of it. It didn’t work. Fish and chips for tea, see if that does any better. 

how are you supposed to know how they deal with pressure??

I mean most people are pretty inscrutable from the outsied

This is a profoundly dysfunctional thread. It even feels uncomfortable to be part of it. Jangling nerves.

*hug* @ ZG

I am worried I might have ruined my most treasured relationship by losing my temper in a epic way a few days ago

it's probably fine it's probably fine

and I mean I never lose my temper and I was SORELY provoked, most prievously

anyway solidarity on the fug front

if only drugs were legal and you could buy them in boots

soz mutters I have got an avocado here that will probably improve matters

Q how does [*] deal with pressure, and give an example


A Is generally a cunt and gets cuntier the more you push him. Example: last week I said "Oi, you cunt, do some work" and he shot me with a crossbow.

Exactly. Candidate was essentially a vac schemer. Def farming the questions to the candidate. 


Got a pizza. Had a couple of slices. 

Cba to do anything meaningful today. 

pizza is meaning in a way

perhaps the only true meaning

Clergs, do you feel your mood might massively improve if you were to take in, just as an example here, a balanced meal containing ample protein, carbs and vegetables?

Pizza is a balanced meal. Carbs, protein and fat. 


Clergies, have some. 

I am actually genuinely a machine of balance (how much protein? moar!) but had a big insane task this morning and didn't have time then had the beautician at 3 and he did some quite painful things and I thought I might faint but didn't

it is quite difficult to eat when you are not getting pleasure from the food (although my increasing plumpness would not lead anyone to worry on that front anyway)

I think I am going to have a burger later, indy, but I approve of pizza as a kindred food

I have a cold and hay fever playing up today. This is fvcking ridiculous on principle (should be a rule it is either / or) and has left me fundamentally unwilling to work. 

So we can rule out you having your fanoir plucked in preparation of fixing this treasured relationship then.

Feel you arbiter. 

Called in sick, but ended up working remotely. 

no it was nothing gross I specifically said

oh I just remembered I was wfh for a bit and someone tried to snaffle a project of mine and in my irritation I went Reply All Alpha

sure that showed them and victory was mine

hayfever and colds should definitely not be together

Clergs I had Eggo waffles for breakfast as an homage to your recent prolif


I mean most people are pretty inscrutable from the outsied

I am until I'm not. 

My boss recently told me that I either say nothing at all or I give it with both barrels, there's nothing in between. 

I have spent all week "pushing my green (people skills, team, empathetic)" and not being "red"(directorial, overtly task focused) (insights talk) because we're under insane pressure... I got quite red this afternoon.... but pulled back so I'm quite proud.

NOT pleased that I've been at my desk at home for 13 hours... and I'd been trying to finish at lunchtime.

I am managing to be a fvcking kitten at the moment!



I took it as an acknowledgement that it's not a good idea to push me to talk about things I don't want to talk about, tbh. 

 it's not a good idea to push me to talk about things I don't want to talk about, tbh

could you say a few words on Brexit then?

just copy and past those same three points you always do if you want.

start with the 'they're poor and thick' one, I like that one

Clergs have you noticed how often you type in the first person? 

Im not having a go but it is striking in this thread...