Hot Cross Buns

They are already in the shops m8s. 

Not complaining about this but which are the best ones. 

Got some from Waitrose at lunchtime which were very average. Supposed to be apple and cinnamon but just tasted of a normal Hot X Bun. Where should I go for some decent action?

like fancy mince pies, you should not fuck with the hot cross bun

I really want one now


although, when I discovered the M&S choc & toffee ones a few years ago I had to put myself on a self-imposed M&S ban til April - Just Too Good.

They are for sale all year round at Tesco, my stepmum lives on them. They have both regular and the Finest range, all the time. Stepmum does not think much of the seasonal choc ones, fwiw.

tescos also does an own brand fruit loaf btw.

i dont eat them