Here's a thing that should all end up fine

-Uber sells stake in thing to parent Softbank

-Uber books profit

-Softbank writes up the value of its stake in Uber.

-Meanwhile, Tencent also writes up its investment in Uber, passing it thru to earnings, driving up its share px, which in turn passes thru to its parent Naspers.

Where may we have seen this sort of approach before?

Anyone? Anyone? Class?


Anyone? Anyone?

This sounds like the first few lines of one of those internet jokes about taking cows and securitising the milk, etc.

I just don't understand why there hasn't been a crash yet (and tbf FT has a whole "this is nuts when's the crash" series. 

Am I just thick or are all tech cos on the verge of massive exponential profits?

heh @ strutts

ain't almost dotcom Cos (and their key investors) relying on this?