"Hello mate, do you want to buy a TV?"

What would you make of a polite well dressed young man asking you this in the car park of a service station in the middle of this afternoon?


See also "I'm an Armani sales rep and I don't have checked baggage to fly back to Italy so need to sell these suits for £200 each". 

Agreed PP and I was very English about it all and said "No thanks, mate" and went on my way, and thereafter minded my own business.

My m8 did this. Service station on m25.

Curved Samsung TV. Nice fellow helped it into his boot.

Got home and opened the box.

Was a bog standard flat screen, broken in two to go into the box.


Wow, really? I suppose you can't expect them to plug it in and see if it works but you might at least ask to see the telly.

I had assumed there was no telly and he was offering something else.

Was prowpa banta.

He asked to check but the salesman was smooth and basically told him it was stolen so not to ask any questions if he was a fine member of the community.

HEH at buying a heavy box in a service station and taking the geezer's word that there's a telly inside.

Unless your mate is super gullible that bloke must have been one hell of a salesman. 

He's a naughty geezer himself so thought he would see through it.

He's used to buying extra curricular stuff off dodgy blokes so maybe he thought there was honour amongst thieves.

Hilarious either way.

RR he does chin. But not for the few years he spent at her maj's pleasure for running drugs up the M1. Well probably brewed his own.



Oh look, elfffi has had a few glasses of wolf blass and wants to join in with his right wing comedy. 

This was standard at my university. Bloke pulls up in a van says he has speakers that have fallen off the back of a truck. Presumably they do the same thing then give you a large heavy box and drive off. If they think you are gullible maybe they trade up to other hi-fi components. Shows my age as not sure you could get TVs without CRTs in them at that point. There used to be an auction house on Oxford St that operated on the same principle - bag of goodies stacked in front of you, plant pays £200 and seen wandering off with walkmans, Roberts radios etc, you pay £200 and get a box of shit and if you complain they threaten to beat you up. 

There is a rich tradition in our fair country of cheeky chappies ripping off their fellows, of course. Which will only revive quite ferociously as a result of the gross indignities visited upon us during the last decade of Tory misrule. 

They are unlikely to get caught unless they approach a undercover copper. Wonder if they have some legitimate TVs somewhere in case that happens.