Happy American Independence Day

how will you be celebrating?

I will writing a paper on sin taxes and thinking about how glad I am that tea is not a sin these days 

 The success of aggressive tax evasion in the interests of big tobacco, genocidal imperialists and slave owners is nothing to be celebrated.

You say ‘genocidal imperialist’ like it’s a bad thing

I'll be giving up alcohol, wearing a baseball cap backwards and shouting "INDAHOLE" at random strangers.

Not so much celebrating as being mildly miffed that every American I need to phone today is out of the office.

Lol at Tom, I am very pleased that every American I deal with is not in the office and wont be till next week,

Saying that just had an email in from the US asking me if Halloween is going to be celebrated as ID in the UK.

243 years since the USA crashed out of the British Empire without a deal...

And who remembers them now?

As I work almost exclusively with Americans I shall be knocking off early today and tomorrow.  Look forward to their pictures of them at bbqs/catching fish/generally fucking about.

"243 years since the USA crashed out of the British Empire without a deal..."


Treaty of Paris? That was the deal that came about 7 years after the Declaration of Independence, no? You're confusing your timelines.

In this scenario the Treaty of Paris is our future free trade deal with the EU.

did not expect this thread to go down this way but not sure why I expected anything else

I’m intrigued that you think the Declaration of Independence = crashing out given the long war and subsequent peace treaty that were required to actually achieve independence