Had enough of recruiters

Hi everyone,

I never thought I'd move past lurking on ROF but here we are. 

I got quite used to recruiters cold-calling me over the last 6+ years. While in my younger, dumber days, I was flattered ("Wow, that partner asked for me specifically" blush), I quickly became annoyed ("Thanks for telling me about another associate job where I can slave away for some autist on a power trip, I'm sure that one is much better than my current gig" angry) and sometimes even frustrated ("Really, you helped move that team from firm X to Z? You and at least another five recruiters that claim to have done so, it seems" indecision).

However, as of last week, I'm actually baby-raging. Here I am minding my own business, getting home in the little hours to see an email sent to my private address from a recruiter I had never dealt with before (that is, neither his shop, nor him personally). Now, I know these guys are sleazebags but if you're going to write my private e-mail address without explaining who the F you are and how you have my details, you better be offering me a ride on your time machine to 2017 when I was too busy slaving away to buy bitcoin and quit the law.

So, I think here's what really gets to me: I actually believed that GDPR would change things (otherwise why do we keep hiring 1200+/- hour data-protection people?); that I would get less unsolicited junk like this. Clearly, I am not the only one annoyed by this: When venting in person, I was told to use an app called Tapmydata that let's you find out what data companies have and to get it erased. What do you know, big surprise - there's over 100 recruiting firms on there, including the one that sparked my baby-rage... 

OK - I did that. Which leaves me with the question: What else can be done? Any suggestions would be most welcome.


Have a nice cup of tea and remember that email is about two clicks away from oblivion.

I think someone has some anger issues. Just delete the offending email and move on with your life.

If you want to be a complete penis about it you could send them a data subject access request and then ask them to delete you. And report them to the ICO if they don’t.

"If you want to be a complete penis"



I suspect that particular ship has long since raised its anchor. 

Like everything emanating from the EU, data protection inconveniences only those conscientious organisations who take any notice of it. Cowboys gonna cowboy.

Sure they actually e-mailed you direct and it wasn't relayed from LinkedIn to your personal e-mail?  That is one thing about LinkedIn that annoys me.

They didn’t email you from LinkedIn. They bought your data from Ravael or Legal Monitor who scrape it from your law form website or pre GDPR just bought it illegally from a data broker. 

They then “meet you for coffee” to tie you to them re employers for 12 months and then spray your CV iaround without your consent to make a fee.  This really doesn’t bother you?  It bother he employees because they end up receiving a supply chain GDPR breach. 

Doesn't the fact that they lie to get your attention and nearly half of them (50+) refuse to give up what personal data on you they have, disclose where they got it from and where they have sent it bother you either?!


And as to what to do, “take back control” of your data using a SAR and use the ICO to drain the swamp. Recruitment is the most complained of sector according to the ICO’s own data for cold calling - more so than the PPI/mis-selling ambulance chasers!

If the ones that ignore their legal obligations are put out of business then maybe some trust night creep back into the system. 43 were reported in April for failing to respond to SARs. That number is slowly going up...

Google I'm pretty sure they can't scrape my personal e-mail address from the firm's site...

A heh 4 bento. 

A joey face pulled for OP and his sidekick on this thread. 

This thread smells really bad. 

is Googleplex a new tard or an old tard? 

You can get add-ons that pick personal email addresses up from LinkedIn.  

If they're connected to you on LinkedIn then you may have shown them your personal email address that way. 

Or is this just an unsubtle advertisement for this app?

Exactly how does this app know who holds your data?


Given that the OP hasn’t returned, I’m thinking dreadful advert for the app. Or he’s had a coronary.

I don't really give shit that people have my "personal data" of my name, job title and email address.  Fuck me, I've got a LinkedIn account and anybody can work out what I do and get in touch if they want.  

Instead of focusing on being angry with people for just trying to make a buck, why don't you just drop them a quick message or, if they call, tell them, "Thanks for the interest but I'm very happy where I am thank you".  You'll feel proper Zen and they probably won't bother you again.