gutting discoveries

Camus never actually said "should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee"

i have basically made that my motto for two decades and turns out I was living off a Demotivators poster

My m7 dave's wife only found out at her 40th bday party that the lyric was "it's raining men" rather that her preferred version of "it's a rainy day, hallelujah..."


was dave like "er why are you so enthusiastic about that song???"

Mine was, in adolescence, discovering that the seahorse, rather than being a giant of the oceans, is actually a very wee critter.

Realising that talking parrots don't actually understand what they're saying. 

Dux I am going to blow your mind - the portugese manowar is not a jellyfish but a type of siphonophore (i know this cos of octonauts)

Those of you who know the truth were probably every bit as shocked as I was when I found out who really runs the world.

Wang I remember my shock when one of my nippers explained this to me.

Have you been educated in the record breaking ways of the praya dubia?

It is the male that gives birth in the seahorse world. Something to think about. 

I was in my teens when I realised gullible is not actually an English word and as such isn’t in the OED. 

Possibly for the only time ever but what dux said.  I was convinced you could stick a saddle on a seahorse and ride them around until I learned the terrible truth at around 7.

It is a great siphonophore, up to 50m of luminous deep sea weirdness. The second longest animal in the world if you count it as one animal. After the bootlace worm.

my grandmother once spoke on this subject to my great amusement as a child.

One thing we don't appreciate these days is that grey squirrels are an exotic species.  Red squirrels were the only native squirrel in the UK.  150 years ago, there were places with red squirrels (coniferous forests in Scotland, Wirral, Dorset heathland etc) and most of the UK had none.  Victorians didn't see squirrels much.  Then in the  Edwardian period the greys came from the US eventually turning up in London parks etc.  The illustrations of grey squirrels stated that they were larger than red but weren't specific. My granny thought they were the size of dogs or small bears. They went to Hyde Park to spot this novelty and she was very disappointed when they did.

Hehehe @ the idea of bear-sized squirrel. That's well scary.

That the Dalai Lama is just a creepy middle-aged man.

yes, she told this story of setting out with a plan of what to do if one got angry. She was about 8. Had seriously misread the whole situation and apparently was full of fear and trepidation. Mother couldn't quite fathom her lack of delight at going to the park to see them.

yeah that was pretty bad, pp

makes u wonder if the devil really is rising in us all

The Dalai Lama's great. He has a sense of humour though, which is dangerous in today's climate.

Parakeets will be the next generations grey squirrels. 

 I was convinced you could stick a saddle on a seahorse and ride them around until I learned the terrible truth at around 7.

When I was a child I had a book about nature and animals, and one the pictures (they were paintings then, none of this photograph nonsense) was of a mole, but perspective wise it looked as big as a badger. Consequently, I thought that was the case for years.


I ❤️ That Geri halliwell used to get sneered at but is married to a billionaire. And looks amazing 

As is holly valence 

I have just learned about Paris Syndrome

apparently it is a form of derangement where visitors to Paris discover that it is not as they had imagined and they go nuts

it is particularly prevalent among Japanese women in their early 30s on their first overseas trip

I thought that was when people went properly clinically psychotic/ hysterical over beautiful places/seeing famous artefacts?

i will have to google it 

Does it not strike you as slightly ironic that you are praising this advocate of ‘girl power’ for her looks and wealth of the man who married her?

Just wondering.

Christian Horner is not a billionaire, not even close. Maybr in turkish lira but even then it would be close

I don't see that being attractive is incompatible with Girl Power. The Buddhist would say that outer beauty adds to one's state of enlightenment.

The money/marriage thing, yeah agreed. 

I agree entirely that looks are not incompatible. 

I was merely suggesting that maybe them being the first or second thing mentioned about a person might be an indication of complete success for the girl power mission.

She is of course the only one that I have ever considered vaguely doable. If she could be dissuaded somehow from talking.

"The Buddhist would say that outer beauty adds to one's state of enlightenment."

is this official doctrine now??

I thought the central message of Buddhism was ‘every man for himself’

"Does it not strike you as slightly ironic that you are praising this advocate of ‘girl power’ for her looks and wealth of the man who married her?

Just wondering."



"is this official doctrine now??"

Yes, uggers can never attain bodhi

When my mother was little she was shocked to discover hospitals didn't close for evenings and weekends

A woman's sexy beast rights was not what I thought they was.

I'm pretty sure that Geri Halliwell was worth more than Christina Horner when they married. 


​​​​​Is there a Rome syndrome?

taken therer for first time aged about 12, bored in St Peters Basilica and wandering off I came round a corner and came face to face with La Pieta and burst into tears.


( wouldnt happen now, its behind glass now I think)

Balzac probably killed himself by drinking gallons of coffee every day. Camus was killed in a road accident.

It was Camus' L'Etranger, who had all the existentialist lines.

"It is better to burn than to disappear".

"Mother died today, or it may have been yesterday. I cannot be sure".

"SInce we're all going to die, it is obvious that when and how do not matter".

"I only had a little time left and I didn't want to waste it on God."

Is the first one not from the Kurgan in Highlander? 

It's better to burn out than fade away....  oh hello, ladies!

Muttley, indeed, our existentialist friend, Meursault, remained firm to the end in his atheism. The annoying priest continued to dissuade him, even as he was going to be guillotined.

It's better in the original French:

 "Il voulait encore me parler de Dieu, mais je suis avancé vers lui et j’ai tenté de lui expliquer une dernière fois qu’il me restait peu de temps. Je ne voulais pas le perdre avec Dieu."

Anyway, he should have left Alger and taken that job in Paris, and taken Marie with him.